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  • I tried to do a little searching, but came up snake-eyes on an answer.

    Is it possible to take a syndicated RSS feed and post it on a “page”?

    For instance, I have a Flickr site, and you can do a feed (mine is here:

    and I’d like to add this to a page so I could have some info about Flickr and then syndicate my recent images on that page too.

    Plus, my flickr images would be at

    [crossing fingers for an easy answer]

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  • I guess you could use the runPHP plugin, and then insert some code that grabs and formats the RSS feed, just like how wordpress does it in the admin dashboard.

    Or if you are shy with PHP you might try RSS Digest which will do the hard work for you. It will give you php or javascript to insert into your page.

    I use a service at Maricopa that will create the feed for you. See this thread.

    Brian Turner published a way of doing this last night that seems pretty effective: here

    i use zfeeder:

    works well – see it here:

    I think you could easily adapt my own meathod for your own purposes:

    not many people use PHP5 to be honest, at least not yet

    I used this version that I hacked out of the flickr plugin…


    // Use Magpie (built into WordPress) //
    if (!function_exists('MagpieRSS')) {
    require_once (ABSPATH . WPINC . '/rss-functions.php');

    $url = " <--- This is where your URI goes --->";
    $rss = fetch_rss($url);

    foreach ($rss->items as $item ) {
    $title = $item[title];
    $url = $item[link];
    $desc = $item[description];

    // PHP knowledge needed if you're wanting to change the format at all. This works well for me.
    echo "<h3><a href=$url>$title</a></h3>n";
    echo "<p>$desc</p>n";


    This works great on any feed that is not on my site. However, if I’m trying to load my own current feed on a page, Magpie goofs up and says that it was unable to fetch the feed, returning a HTTP/1.1 200 error (isn’t that a good thing, not bad?).

    I’ve tried a few tricks to make it pass through a Google redirect and others, but I’m still against the same brick wall on it.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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