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  • Is there a way to put my blog entries on my other sites. I guess with xml feeds? Is this possible?

    Thanks in advance

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  • Search for posts about CG-FeedReader.


    Can I put my word press blogs to a non wordpress site?

    CG-FeedReader is supposed to let you put wordpress blog entries on non-wordpress sites. I’ve gotten it to work with mixed results. It’s pretty flexible, has quite a few options (like how many posts to show) but still requires you to change the non-wordpress page you’re putting it on to a php page and that might not work for some. Plus I personally found the instructions a little hard to follow. I do, however, thank the author very much because it is free and will work for some.

    I hope a future feature for WordPress is the ability to export entirely or selectively to static html page(s). Then one could use a simple SSI to include a post in a non-WP page. BTW, if any WP programmers are listening, even better would be the ability to be able to export the most recent post and specify the number of words or characters to use. I have a space for about 500 characters from the most recent post on a non-WP static html page and would love to find an easy way to do make that happen without copy and paste.

    As I posted to the other conversation, CG-FeedRead actually stores its generated HTML into a file for low-overhead, pre-cached retrieval of the RSS info. So, in theory, it should be possibly to use SSI to include the CG-FeedRead output into a non-PHP page (though, there must be PHP pages running on the blog every now and again or the feeds won’t be updated…). You could even set up a custom one that doesn’t include the source site title, doesn’t limit lengths or anything, and DOES limit it to the one latest post — that might work.

    Until I get updating-via-cron working at some point, again, you need to still have some php code running on the blog every hour or so, so that CG-FeedRead has a chance to try to update the RSS cache if needed…


Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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