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  • Hollo World, please help me to put an image (gif) between the post in an especific position. for example between the 3rd and the 4th post.
    many many tanks.

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  • A link to the blog in question would be nice, thank you. =) This might help “us”, help you! 😉


    glup¡¡¡ sorry¡¡¡


    Thanks, but.. I don’t know your mother tongue.. maybe Samboll can check this out for you then. =) As for the images, you have images all over there..?

    So, you’re looking for the images to be, in between the posts, rather then the far left side? Hopefully Samboll (or someone else that knows this language) swings by here then, I think he know’s this language. 😉


    Well, before thinking about pictures – fix the code!
    Posts and comments links and next title … all overlap!

    ay¡¡¡¡ yes, i am sorry, i’m new in this things and are very difficult for me..Now, i see a lot of errors¡¡¡¡ so… i will correct this first…
    many thanks for your help to a ‘learner’….

    CG-Inbetween is a plugin you could likely use for this. It’d allow you to include an HTML file at some post offset (with one added line of PHP code in your theme…), specified in an admin panel — and the HTML file can just be an IMG tag…

    Then, you can specify different (or the same) html file at different offsets, or especially for the end of a single post, etc.

    yeah¡¡¡¡ many thanks¡¡¡ it looks very well… but… i’m not too good in these things… so i need a second hand, please, i want to put ‘<?php echo getad(‘adrotator’); ?>’ in between the 3rd and 4th post… but i don’y know ‘where’ i have to put this… so… please… could you help me again???
    many thanks… (and you get a cold cold beer here in Madrid next time you came…) 😉
    many thanks

    Dear all please can you help me.

    I have just started playing with WordPress and I’d like to get rid of the space that appears between my “entry” data and the “postmetadata” in my posts on my templates. I have put an image to describe my problem at the following URL:

    I would like to effectively remove the space between the text area highlighted in RED and the text area highlighted in YELLOW.

    I have tried to use the style sheet and the index.php but I can’t find the offending piece of code. Is it a margin somewhere? Can anybody help?

    Thanks in advance.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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