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  • I’ve retained the default footer plugging WordPress in my blog. However, when the content portion is short, the footer does not get pushed below the menu on the right side of the screen, so it ends up looking rather crappy. What stylesheet setting would force the footer to the bottom on all pages? You can see the problem by at my blog. The front page looks fine, now click on the “comment” link for any entry and scroll down to see where the footer ends up.


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  • Since the divs for content and menu are floated (followed by the footer), this should do it for you:


    It tells the footer to not to do the float thing, and so it would be *below* both the content and menu.

    I tried sticking “clear: both” in various locations, but nothing worked.

    any more help for this question? i’m trying to do the same thing – have the footer across the bottom of the whole page. when i work with the margin settings for the ‘credit’ tag in the CSS, it seems to align off the MENU, not off the content. so it will be 50px or 100% below the menu, which is in various places behind the content field on the different pages with different sized entries.

    how can i keep that footer at the bottom?

    and again: at this site i found a reason why

    “Anyway this is the first problem with the WP default CSS. The menu is positioned using absolute. Everything else that goes wrong with it and many of the Alex King competition layouts follows on from there because the credit, which sits at the bottom of the index.php file cannot clear both the content and the menu divs. Instead it sits underneath the content div, moving up and down the page dependent on the length of the content and ignoring the length of the menu.”

    but in my site it’s positioning off the menu; i’d PREFER it to position off the content and move up and down the page; b /c my menu is short. no idea what i changed to make this the case; any idea what i need to change back?

    thanks for any ideas.

    hmm. kind of found a workaround by putting the footer contents inside the very last bit of the ‘content’ div … now i have one footer on the b ottom of every page. it’s only as wide as the contents – not stretching across the whole page below the content – but i think it’ll do for now.

    ok this was a fun little monologue! 😉 maybe someone else as clueless as me will find this development helpful. the resources on this site are great!

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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