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    I really like this plugin and have been using it on all my sites for a while. I’m curious about the purpose of the Allow Heartbeat rule option in the new settings panel.

    I’m guessing that everything is allowed by default, so the only way that a location could become disallowed/disabled is by using the Disable Heartbeat rule and ticking the location.

    So if I wanted to make sure that one of the locations like Post Editor was allowed then all I’d need to do is make sure that it hasn’t been disabled in a Disable Hearbeat rule. It would seem silly to disable a location by ticking the box in a Disable Heartbeat rule, and then create an additional Allow rule to enable it, rather than just unselecting the location in the Disable Heartbeat rule.

    So at the moment I can’t see any purpose to having an Allow Heartbeat option, it only seems to add unnecessary confusion. Or am I missing something?


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  • For each location the only possible options are to disable or modify the frequency so it should be possible to have a relatively simple settings panel that still allows for full control of all possible options.

    What if the settings panel was set up like this – each location has an allow/disable toggle switch, and if it is set to allow then the frequency slide selector shows so that the frequency can be modified. If the location is set to disable then the frequency selector for the location is hidden.


    Dashboard [allow/disable toggle] [frequency selector]
    Frontend [allow/disable toggle] [frequency selector]
    Post Editor [allow/disable toggle] [frequency selector]

    Then it should be super easy for anyone to understand and hopefully there wouldn’t be any confusion or need to create multiple rules with multiple options.

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