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    The ‘Purge All – Gravatar Cache’ does not seem to be working for mobile browsers.

    Even after deleting the old avatar image for the author, it continued to appear in mobile browsers (both mobile Safari and Chrome).

    It wasn’t until we manually deleted the site data in iOS Safari Settings (Advanced) that we were finally able to see the new avatar image loaded.

    Could it be a Browser Cache issue?

    Our ‘Browser Cache’ is set to ‘ON’ and the ‘Browser Cache TTL’ is set to ‘31557600’ (default).

    Any help you can provide would be much appreciated.

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    please check in /wp-content/litespeed/avatar directory , see if you did purge all - gravatar , if this dir still exists or being removed

    if the dir is removed , that means the purge is working

    yes , it could be browser cache thing , as the file will be cached by browser for certain time , like in this case, 365 days

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    @qtwrk, thanks for your reply.

    It looks like a Browser Cache issue…

    Because as mentioned, when we delete the site specific ‘Website Data’, in the ‘Advanced’ settings for Safari in our iPhones, we then see the new avatar when we refresh the page(s).

    But why does everything else in the browser(s) purge to show new images, updates to styling, etc. when the ‘Purge All’ options are employed, but the avatars do not—are avatars considered “static” content?

    Our Browser Cache TTL is set to 365 days, but is there a way to make sure our visitors are not seeing old/stale content because their respective browser cache is holding on to it?

    This may seem like a silly question, but is there a purge option for the Browser Cache so that we don’t have to wait a year for the avatar to change?

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    well , actually there isn’t a way to force purge browser cache from server-side , best thing you can do is totally change the file name , so browser will fetch from server again

    from JS/CSS side , it is more “intelligent” , the file name it generates was based on md5 sum value from file content

    so each time file content is changed (like you updated something) , the md5 sum will change , thus the file name , this will lead browser to fetch again from remote

    the gravatar cache , on the other hand , doesn’t have this mechanism , I will suggest our devs to looking into it , but for now, if you want your users to get new images, you can set this option to OFF , so browser will fetch from remote

    Best regards,

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