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  • @waqas,

    I received an email this morning telling me that the site was closing down.

    Over the last couple of weeks a few users have noticed that their recurring payments have been cancelled and over night new purchases for all plugins have been stopped.

    The first I knew about the closure was the email that arrived to my Inbox this morning.

    I’ll try to get an alternative purchasing mechanism in place as soon as I can.

    Yes I had reached WPPlugin support and they also told me the same. Please let me know as soon as there is a purchasing mechanism available.


    Hi – any luck on finding an alternative? Please let me know asap also. I need to install the HTML pluggin asap on my blog!


    I’m investigating selling it myself rather than handing half of the sale fee to a site that does nothing beyond selling my plugin. While on I still had to handle support (which is fine and expected) but also billing and purchase queries which I would expect the hosting site to handle.

    Anyway, as I see it I have 3 options:
    1/ Stop selling the code as this is a spare time project for me and I struggle already in combining this plugins support needs with a full time job.
    2/ Find a suitable site to host my plugin that provides a good service to me as a developer and you as buyers without leaving me resenting handing over a large proportion of the sales price to the vendor site.
    3/ Handle sales myself accepting the additional stress and pressure of setting up a new site and handling sales of the plguin code.

    Currently, I have to say I’m undecided on what option will be best for me. Any recommendations of a good vendor marketplace site are welcome!


    If you want to sell it yourself. Create a separate website for it. But for making the website successful and manage support, handle sales, you need to allocate it more time.

    I would suggest you to go for They already have a large audience with premium plugin purchase power. You can offer support on their platform and as all support queries are archived and visible to others, you don’t have to answer them every time. Usually buyers just help themselves.

    and I’m sure wpplugins are already handing over their plugins to codecanyon.

    @waqas, have indeed already directed developers to but their site wants 50% of sales value to handle sales. And as you point out it still requires support; sadly in my experience I am the only one who responds to support requests – you may notice this if you look back over 6 years of forum posts on this site.

    That poses issues for me as this plugin is not my day job, it’s supposed to be a hobby but it’s one that takes over and robs my family of having their husband/father/son on a frequent basis.

    50% is too much. I hear you, It’s a really tough job. Try this plugin from It supports secure download features too and is easily installable. Will be easy to keep track of payments and sales.

    Hi Matt – So sorry to hear. I am not sure what they are worth, but maybe these guys

    Also, would you consider just selling the html code without granting support – maybe put together a very comprehensive FAQ page together, and let people know when they buy that’s there is no more support. I know I’d be interested in that.


    Nice idea but I’ll never get away with offering no support. There are people who have bought the HTML plugin that had a bespoke forum just for them and I still get questions about that code on here.

    I’m near to a solution that will add some neat new features to the paid code too, keep checking back often for news.

    Looking forward to that, Matt – what is timeline looking like? Are we talking in a few days away from a solution, or weeks? Thanks!


    We’re talking days, if all goes smoothly I hoping it’ll be available again by Tuesday.

    that would be perfect! Let me know as soon as it’s up and running, Matt.

    Hi Matt,

    Any progress? thanks.


    I’ll hopefully have something for you in the next 24 hours.

    Great – Thanks Matt, I’m also looking forward to seeing what you have for us! 🙂 Also, I have one question for you that’s a bit unrelated – is there a way to change the way the Subscribe 2 widget? the subscribe and unsubscribe buttons sometimes appear on top of one another for some of my readers. Thanks!

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 25 total)
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