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  • You can only get support for this product if you log in to their forum and submit a ticket. However, the login and password DOESN’T WORK!! I’ve contacted them for TWO DAYS and they won’t respond (except one response which changed my password to some god-awful long thing–but it wasn’t a password issue).

    I’ve tried everything I can to get a hold of them to get support for a product I paid $200 for. NOTHING!! I fixed my first issue–which was caused by their update–by uninstalling the update. But I have other issues that can’t be resolved BECAUSE I CAN’T GET THEIR SUPPORT AND THEY HAVE NO OTHER MEANS OF YOU CONTACTING THEM.

    Stay away from them as they seem to have an issue with support

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  • Finally got a response which again provided NO HELP! Still can’t login to the site to get the legendary support that was promised. Here’s what they said:

    I’m sorry to hear that you’ve had a less than stellar time with our products and our support. We work hard to build great products and to make our customers happy.

    Although I’m very sorry for any frustration that you may be experiencing there, I’d like to set some expectations for you regarding response times. As outlined on our website, it may be 24 – 48 hours before we respond to a ticket, and we do not generally provide support over weekends. While we aim to be as fast as we can, (as evidenced by our response to your email yesterday in under an hour), we ask for your patience during periods of peak support activity.

    Repeated requests will not push your inquiry to the top of the queue. If our standard response times will not work for the needs of your project, we can move forward with the refunded you previously suggested.

    Now, I think your problem can be resolved by logging on to using a different browser, or by using an incognito window. I also suggest clearing all cookies for our site and trying to log in again. This should solve the problem.



    Oh, and because I posted about my experience on their Facebook page, they blocked me. (I used no insults or foul language but was asking for help. Apparently, they want to avoid negative issues.)

    I guess I’m going to have to get that refund now.

    Plugin Author Barry


    We experienced some problems during the switchover from our previous support forums to our new support platform. We apologize: our only intention in making this change was of course to improve support but some unforeseen problems got in the way.

    Access has now been restored for the vast majority of our customers.

    Finally got a response which again provided NO HELP! Still can’t login to the site to get the legendary support that was promised.

    The response LaToya sent you was fair, balanced and helpful.

    At the time, we were in receipt of a very large number of messages being sent by you over social media and email. While we were keen to help and did our best to unblock you as quickly as we could, you do need to appreciate that we have many other customers to support.

    So, though we were of course sorry for the inconvenience surrounding your inability to login, once we had established a line of communication over email LaToya was perfectly correct to highlight that further repeated requests would not elevate your own questions above those of other users.

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