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  1. super-schaf
    Posted 4 years ago #

    Hello fellow WordPress users!

    My friend and I have set up a webshop using wordpress and cart66. (www.icolourit.ch)
    The Shop sells a customization service for iPhones and iPads, in which we rebuild your iDevice with different coloured cases.

    Now here's my question:

    Is the any possibility to combine multiple Articles( in this case a front cover, mid plate and back cover)
    with a easy to use interface?
    What we are looking for is to have a "step by step" interface if you may.
    What I mean by that is that the user will be confronted with the first page, asking him/her to select the front plate. After choosing the front plate, you will automatically be directed to the mid-plate page and after that the rear plate page. After completing these steps it would be great if we had a preview of what the device would look like before purchasing.

    I hope I could formulate myself clear enough!

    Thanks in advance.


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