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  • Hi guys,

    So I have been reading a lot about different hostings, and was wondering if they are any recommended ones.

    I have heard people recommend bluehost, hostgator, and dreamhost, but was wondering, for me who wants to use wordpress to create a blog similar to that of: but would like to place ads to monetize, what would be the best host to go with? Bluehost seems the most expensive, at over $7 per month if I want to buy for only 1 year. I am leaning towards dreamhost or hostgator.

    FYI: I use to use godaddy, and have all my domain registrations with it, but people seem to say it sucks?



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  • Most hosting companies give goos service and there’s a huge amount that support WordPress on top of the few that are listed on this site.

    As far as price goes, if you’re going to get concerned over $7 a month for hosting, but you want to monetise your site, then you need to re-evaluate exactly what you expect. Good hosting costs money. $7 a month is still exremely cheap for the sort of reliabl service that you get from the companies that you’ve mentioned.

    You are right with Godaddy. They are OK for domains, but useless for hosting. I’ve never heard of anyone that’s been happy with their service.

    thank you, i am not concerned with spending $7/month, I was just interested to know what the difference between host gator (who charges like $4/month) compared to bluehost that charges $7/month. And if there is a difference between them as well as dreamhost.

    Thanks again!

    The differences are mainly down to the resources that are available fo your hosting account (storeage space, data transfer, CPU cycles, etc) and what support options are available and how far they will go to help. From what I’ve heard I know that Bluehost is good, I haven’t heard much about Dreamhost but that mostly means that no one is complaining about their service, and I’ve used Hostgator and I know that they are good as well. I have used Hostgator but I haven’t used the others, so I can’t comment on them more then what I’ve heard.

    ah thank you for the insight catacaustic! So out of the hosting services you’ve tried. Which do you recommend?

    I’m not going to recommend any. 🙂 As I said the ones listed on here are good, and there’s a lot more that are just as good.

    I use hostgator. Never had any problems and I only pay $10/month

    Although we cannot endorse them, there are some hosts listed here. Also searching the forums using the keywords “host” or “hosting” may provide you with some suggestions. However, due to the amount of spam that these topics attract, I’m afraid I will have to close this one.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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