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    Hi Pavel

    I am trying to use the system to manage stock, maintain stock record and raise POs but have encountered a series of problems as a new user. Sorry this request is so long but I have tried to capture the problems as I have worked through your system. if it needs breaking into smaller chunks please do so or ask me to.


    I am using a child theme under Storefront 2.2.5.

    I import wine to the UK from France. I buy in Euros and sell in Sterling. I buy and sell including VAT (which at the moment are the same rates but could vary in the future).

    My prices are highly variable even from the same supplier according to the quantity I am buying.

    Thus far, I have given ATUM control of stock and as a database it is performing well. I have entered suppliers and linked them to products so can quickly view all products from a single supplier. However I have come across some issue and list them below. Some are just development suggestions but some (PO System) are serious and preventing me from using the entire system and its benefits.

    1. Allocating the supplier to a user listed every user on the system (including customers) so it would be useful to have a filter that only listed requested user types (administrator, Shop Manager, etc.) to select from.

    2. When a new supplier is entered and there is no supplier link on the product, it is possible to search all products in a new PO. This should be restricted to force the link between supplier and product? Once the products are linked, the restriction applies.

    3. I have listed my supplier’s currency as euros but the PO shows the sterling sign (£) not euros (€). This looks to be a WooCommerce settings restriction but it would help to show the correct currency on the PO. This may need integrating to and amending the settings page?

    4. POs have to be created but Suppliers are just draft or published and (I assume) only enter your system when published but this is not made clear. Might be useful to have a similar create control button to force the supplier being entered. There seems little point to me of having a draft supplier but maybe others can give reasons why it is helpful? Also, even though it was asking me to create the PO, it allowed me to add notes before I had done so.

    5. When processing orders (or looking at stock central in general), it would be useful to search on a group of suppliers rather than searching each one at a time. For me this is not a great problem with only 20 suppliers and 40 products but for larger shops it could be useful.

    6. The main problem I am having is with the New PO system. It works in part but I cannot get the pricing and calculation parts to work as shown in the video.

    7. When adding an item to the PO, then selecting products, I have to type the product name to be able to select it whereas a dropdown list showing the linked products would be quicker and easier (as long as it continues to allow you to enter multiple products at the same time as the existing system does).

    8. I cannot edit the purchase price in the quick edit function of a product.

    9. If there is no purchase price on the product and I start new PO, the price comes out as 0.00. If I pre-enter a purchase price to the product and then start a new PO it recognises the purchase price and lists it. However, if I open a PO without a product purchase price listed, save it and add the price to the product then return to edit the PO, it does not pick up the changed status for the product purchase price.

    10. Because my settings allow for VAT on my sales, your system picks this up (and it may need to be separated) as when it takes the purchase price from the product listing it assumes it is including VAT as per the general settings and reduces the price to the net cost. This means that I have to enter my purchase prices including VAT which is not the normal practice as items are generally listing in invoices excluding VAT then the VAT is added at the end. For now I am adding prices as VAT inclusive to the product (and not setting the price from the PO, see later).

    11. The PO does not show a VAT exclusive total in the summary. It shows discount, Shipping and Tax but not the total net purchase figure. A summary total would be useful.

    12. Once an item is listed, I cannot seem to edit it to change either the price or the quantity at the line level. When I open the edit function on an existing line item, I can change the quantity but both the unit price and the total price change to reflect the new quantity (only the total should change) but I cannot seem to save the edit line by line. Each time I have to use the save button and this is not intuitive. If I am ordering multiple products, I would normally want to enter all products first, then the quantities one at a time and then save.

    13. If I enter a single line item with no purchase price and edit it to show a price then save it, it does not show the price on the first line but enters a second (grayed out) line that shows the price I have entered and alongside it, the VAT figure included in it. If I then recalculate, it gives really strange output figures. It does not recognise the purchase price I have entered and if I try to set the purchase price, even though it shows the price I have entered, it only offers me to save the price as 0. So it seems this areas needs some work (or my installation has problems)?

    14. I explained above that I had to enter the product purchase price as including VAT to get the PO to list it properly (so, I entered 7.80 on the product for your PO to show the correct net price of 6.50). If I then set the purchase price through the PO button it offers to set it as the excluding VAT price (6.50). If I do this, it changes the purchase price on the product listing. If I now add a new line for the same product, it gives me the 6.50 price less the VAT (i.e.it shows 5.42). If I now set the purchase price, it seems to recognise it properly and offers to set it to 5.4167.

    15. Now when I go back to the product page, expecting to see the 5.42 price, it shows the 6.50 price which I now assume is the system set VAT inclusive price.

    16. So to overcome this, I tried to set prices not on my products but only on the PO sheet through the edit function. But then the system does not accept it and only offers me a 0 price to set! This needs resolving to ensure the price is properly recorded whether through the product or the PO (or you need to restrict it to one or the other).

    17. I tried to manage it by entering the product purchase price on the product then setting it on the PO but got more problems as follows:

    a – entering the price in the product as net (e.g., 18.00) * 1.2 (21.60) * 1.2 = 25.92.
    b – entering a new item, add product to the PO which then shows the net * 1.2 = 21.52
    c – Setting the purchase price (it offers 21.52)
    d – Adding a new line with the same product which now tells me the price is 21.60
    e – setting the purchase price (which changes the price to the required 18.00) and offers me 18.00. This then sets the purchase price on the product page as 21.60 (i.e. inclusive of VAT)
    f – To check I enter a third line for the same product and it seems to come up right. However, If I once again set the product price it offers 18.00 and sets this on the product page.
    g – Entering the product on a new line once again gives me the 18.00 less vat figure of 15.00!

    This iteration continues for each new line and price setting.

    Effectively, at the moment, I cannot use the pricing function and the POs are only suitable for recording the product quantities and timings.

    If it would help to share my screen over a skype or similar link I am happy to do so. What you are tying to produce is great and if I can help I will.


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  • Andrew Nevins


    WCLDN 2018 Contributor | Volunteer support

    If it would help to share my screen over a skype or similar link I am happy to do so.

    Unfortunately we don’t allow that. If you are facing a dozen issues, supporting them is much easier when they are each in their own ticket. One ticket per issue.

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    I have continued with my experimentation and entered vat inclusive prices in my product pages. This then allows me to generate a PO with the correct purchase prices.

    When it is in its Pending stage, I can see the stock on the Inbound Stock but if I Complete the PO, the Inbound stock listing resets to 0 but does not increment the stock level of the product. Is there something else I have to do to transfer the completed PO items to actual stock levels?


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    OK Andrew I will try to separate them out but the entire picture is much more difficult to see if I do that.

    Plugin Author Stock Management Labs


    Hi Geoff,

    Thank you very much for your post.

    I have to agree with the wordpress moderator @anevins, that it is very hard to answer such long posts. However, I will be very happy to react to all your questions.

    Please, Geoff, give me some time to get all the info together. I will answer within 24 hours.

    PS: It is important to know that PO has been created on the same system as WC orders and it works exactly the same way. It is the intention for the free version to feel as natural as possible for basic WC users. Advanced PO system and controls will be released within a Premium PO add-on.

    Will speak soon.


    Plugin Author Stock Management Labs


    Hi Geoff,

    Nice talking to you earlier. As I said some updated features will be included in the free version, but we are preparing a full premium PO feature.

    Here it goes, my answers:

    1. Allocating the supplier to a user is an interesting feature. I have added the filter to the list of features in the upcoming premium add-on.

    2. At the moment there is restriction of one supplier per PO. We are preparing a feature to remove this and add mixed POs. Will be included in FREE version.

    3. POs uses the same current as the default set in WC. You need to use multi currency plugin to make this happen unfortunately.

    4. Not sure I understand what you need here? You want to use draft suppliers?

    5. Search by supplier is on the list of coming features. At the moment you can use our supplier filter.

    6. Please, give details in a private ticket (stock central – help menu).

    7. we use the same add product features as WC orders. dropdown and multi-select is not planned and I am not sure it would be good for UX. Especially for large shops this would be a nightmare.

    8. Already planned to be developed.

    9. This is correct, in case you previously opened a PO and want to use different purchase price the system cant update automatically. Very bad for UX.

    10. Works the same way as WC orders default. If you have different behaviour in your shop, please, open a private ticket.

    11. That is correct. In the free ATUM version we plan to keep it that way. The premium will have the option to change this.

    12. Same as above. PO system works the same way natural WC orders work. This is something we dont want to change or thinking to change at the moment. This is WooCommerce default way of doing things.

    13. I will need to see this unfortunately, can you make a video and open an official private ticket, please? the PO system should work the same way orders do. Please, test the same scenario in orders and if the result is the same the problem is WC, if not, we will be happy to fix.

    14. have you managed to find solution here?

    15. yes, if you have in WC setting to show prices inclusive of VAT.

    16. sorry, lost here. not sure if this is the same as above. All the points below seems to be one scenario. Would you be so kind to open an official private ticket so we can research, please?

    PS: our official support allows you to add files as well. Please, do open your issues there and we can discuss one by one I have not answered.

    Hope this helps.


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