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  • Was punBB even available when this forum was first set up? I don’t know. It is not that the devs have any issues with punBB – I believe Alex King uses it on his site – just that Matt is happy with miniBB and its too late to switch now anyway. People who have problems with it are free to go away and set up alternative boards that no-one will use. The End.

    no need to start a forum, there was one! something 🙂
    already discussed and discarded.

    It looks like PunBB did not exist when these forums were started.
    Either way, I have to say that MiniBB pretty nice. I prefer threaded forums myself, though, and neither PunBB nor MiniBB support these. My ideal setup, though (flat topics, threaded discussions), is only supported in one software package I know of: Phorum.

    I like the miniBB summary of recent posts… I don’t have to pop in and out of each category to see whats new.

    I have to admit, these forums are the shits. It wouldn’t even be all that bad if this forum was AT LEAST using something similar to the default miniBB template. The names way over to the right really blows. I’ve never seen that done before. Call me stupid, but it actually took me a week to figure where the names of the authors were. Before that, I just thought somebody had a dumb idea of not having author’s names.
    Ok I’m done 😉

    stay here for a week and u will get used to the name on the right.
    its called MATTeffect. 😉

    The miniBB link is still there, but but the original code has been thouroughly hacked upon by Matt. I believe that he dubbed it wpBB in #wordpress the other day.

    I have used a lot of bb systems and I have yet to find one that satisfies the geek in me. I like the simplicity and speed of minibb along with the syndication element. Does anyone know of a threaded bb that runs relatively quickly that also has some sort of syndication?

    I wake up every praying that this layout has changed.

    I know, I was just being grumpy 🙂

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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