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  • I recently upgraded some of my plug-ins and while using IE8 (don’t know if it has some impact)— my title would disapper (name of my page) to be replaced with “XXX”; I switched to Firefox and at least my page name has returned. I am wondering if the title issue and changing font sizes has to do with upgrading “Font Burner.” The worst thing, though, is once I’ve logged on, when I click on the “site admin” icon….I get nothing but a blank page….nothing, absolutely nothing and the read in the footer says “done” so it’s not like it’s still downloading the page. I can’t even get in to try and fix and see what’s going on. I was okay last evening, but since 5 this morning….nothing, nada, zilch! Help!! Oh, and my systems is Windows 7 – anything to do with it? Used to be Vista.

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  • It seems to me from reading some of the other posts…recent posts…there’s something going on. I contacted my web host as well and of course was directed back to you. I was able to send them the messages I got – and their comment was, “You do have a problem, don’t you!” I can’t even post; not since last evening…been trying since 5 this morning; 5 hours later still nothing? One day works, next day doesn’t – and like I said, it’s only been this past week. HELP!!

    Read this man,

    try all the steps listed there nad see if that helps u out

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