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  • A client has asked for a fairly strange setup and I’d like a bit of help figuring out how to approach it. Basically, they want a number of levels of information. Here you can see the hiearchy from top to bottom

    1. Colleges
    2. Schools
    3. Research Centres

    New users will register and attach themselves to a research centre. The user can then create a blog (multisite installation) and the research centre pages should aggregate all RSS feeds from attached users.

    I’ve spent most of the day trying to use BuddyPress groups to manage user registration and content but I think it might be more complex than I need.

    Would there be a way to assign a user to a group when they register, which can then be managed through the WP Network dashboard but then make these groups browseable as children of pages?

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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