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  • Hi everyone,

    I am struggling, as always with WordPress PHP, and today is no different.

    I want to create a new page. (that will be part of my Nav menu)

    I then want to pull all the information in a specific category to that page.

    But what I dont know is how to do that?

    Questions I have..

    What is the PHP I need to do that? and where does it go?

    I know thats open ended folks, really I do, but I have posted here before and am still in exactly the same place. Something about how WordPress and php work completely eludes my knowledge. I feel if someone could help me do THIS it would help my knowledge grow by a considerable amount.

    Thanks for your time and patience.


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  • esmi


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    I think this is one of the problems I face every day with WordPress and PHP. I simply do not understand the codex, or what its telling me.

    That page you linked Esmi tells me nothing.

    What do I actually DO with that code… Where does it go, how do I link it to the button in my nav bar.. I just simply dont know how this all works.

    My frustration level with php and wordpress is through the roof, I’ve been struggling for months, and every problem I have leads me back to the codex…

    Maybe this just isnt for me.




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    You add the new custom template page to your current theme’s folder, create a new Page, give it a title, apply the new template to that page and publish it.

    Ok, I ‘think I understand that when I save this file, it will appear in the ‘template’ part of a new page correct? (well its assigned name will in this case – Page of Posts)

    So what exactly do I do with this… Please understand here that PHP reads like a foreign language to me still.. I’m understanding very little of it, and not really advancing in that aspect.

    ` twentyeleven_content_nav( ‘nav-above’ );
    while ( $list_of_posts->have_posts() ): $list_of_posts->the_post();

    // Display content of posts
    get_template_part( ‘content’, get_post_format() );

    twentyeleven_content_nav( ‘nav-below’ );

    This is all relevant if i’m using twenty Eleven.. but I’m not, so what do I do with that code?

    Also.. What do I do with this:

    if you are not using this in a child of Twenty Eleven,
    you need to replicate the html structure of your own theme.

    What does that mean? How do I go about doing that?

    I do understand HTML and CSS, but I have no idea what thats telling me to do?




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    it will appear in the ‘template’ part of a new page correct?


    I’m not, so what do I do with that code?

    You have to adapt to suit your theme’s markup and, if necessary implement it within a child theme. I’m sorry you are finding this difficult but there’s really no easier way. If you cannot manage this yourself, perhaps you need to consider hiring someone to carry out the work for you.

    No your right Esmi, this just isn’t for me. I cant describe my frustration with it and I also dont understand why my brain just wont take in and understand these concepts.

    So many hundreds of thousands of people have learnt this, and all I can do is applaud them, because for me… Just not happening.

    I have spent well over £300.00 on books, and video tutorial subscriptions. I have carefully read and watched each and every one of them.

    I understand roughly how it all works and pulls together, but EVERY TIME I try and do something specific, I just cant seem to get it done. None of the courses or books ever explain ‘exactly’ how to do the things I need, and I am just left wallowing in frustration at not being able to do it.

    I’m not stupid… I pride myself in being at least average intelligence, but something about this whole deal just will not go in…

    I guess its time to quit.

    Thanks for help,


Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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