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  • Is there any way for me to pull the avatar from another wordpress plugin instead of using gravatar’s.. I think it kind of demotivates the user from having to sign up to whole other website in order to create an avatar.

    I’m using “simple local avatars” plugin. Is there any way for me to get that avatar integrated in my phpbb forum?

    Love the plugin btw.. I also donated.

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  • Plugin Author jhong



    Thank you very much for the donation, it is much appreciated.

    WP-United doesn’t actually enforce Gravatars — it just pulls whatever WordPress returns, and syncs that to phpBB if one doesn’t exist in phpBB already.

    So you should be able to get it to work with other avatar plugins.

    The code that syncs avatars to phpBB just does get_avatar()…

    What do you get now when you try to sync? If a user has a gravatar and a simple local avatar, which one is pulled?

    I’m not sure.. “Simple avatar” was working at first but than it just suddenly stopped working after a day. I don’t remember making any major changes during that time so I don’t see why it stopped working.

    I’m working on a forum (phpbb) site for a client.. It’s still pulling the gravatar default image instead of the image uploaded through wordpress (simple avatar plugin). I’ve also tried other avatar plugins & it’s doing the same.

    Here’s an example of what’s happening ->

    It’s working after I sync the users.. How can I get it to work without manually snyching the users?


    Plugin Author jhong



    Sorry for the delay!

    Actually that should be normal behaviour — for existing users, once they are mapped, they will need to be synced for the avatars to move over. However every time they update their profile after that, in either phpBB or WordPress, their profiles will be automatically synced.

    Is that enough to fit your use case?

    I know there’s an option in the wp-united plugin to automatically create phpbb users. Is it at all possible that after the phpbb users are created from logging into wordpress, that the avatars be automatically synched?

    I hope I’m not being to pesky because it really is a great plugin. Just wondering if I this would be easy to implement.

    Thanks in advance 🙂

    Plugin Author jhong


    Hi, not pesky at all 🙂 And I appreciate the sanity checks, as it’s a big plugin…

    Actually that should already be happening. When a phpBB user is created by the user integrator, the profile sync is called.

    A profile sync when the phpBB avatar is empty (which it will be for a new user) will call WordPress’ get_avatar function, and that gets sent over to phpBB.

    Nope it’s not synching automatically 🙁

    Plugin Author jhong


    Thanks, and sorry for the delay. I’ve noticed this occasionally happening on my site too. I’ve added it to the list and will try to report back.


    thanks for the awesome plugin. I’m going to use it and wanted to say i’m happy to pay a subscription fee for support if you will continue to develop and make this plugin even more wonderful. Hopefully… for many years to come.

    I’m curious did you figure out how to sync the images automatically? Is it a permissions thing?

    Plugin Author jhong


    I had a look through again last night prior to releasing v0.9.2.5, and cant put a finger on any part of the code path that should be preventing syncing.

    When exactly are you seeing the problems? Does it affect new users created via the user mapper, or users auto-created in phpBB? Can you see their avatars in phpBB, WordPress or neither?

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