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  • stevenpyoung


    Social Sharing design of AWP for WP plugin is quite impressive, but I wonder if I can go further. Though the plugin itself offers quite a bunch of social sharing services, they are still limited. Therefore I wonder if you can let users customize other social sharing services.

    Of course AddThis might help, but it is not compatible with AMP’s Sticky Social Sharing bar, which is a pity indeed, for I personally like the sticky design pretty much. Furthermore, AddThis seems not working on my website’s AMP pages. When I test the page on desktop with Chrome/Firefox’s desktop mode and mobile device mode, AddThis’s buttons functions normally. But when I test it on my iOS device, the buttons are just no where to be found, no matter Safari or Chrome.

    The feature really gives me a headache because I really like AWP for WP’s original design but it lacks the social sharing service that I actually need. It’ll be simpler for advanced users to customize it. BTW if you can make AddThis buttons compatible with the sticky stuff, I would be so thankful, haha. After all AddThis provides way more options itself.

    Looking forward to your reply.

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  • Elsa


    Hi there,

    Because of the current tool configurators, by default, the share buttons won’t show on mobile devices >979px. We’re working on a different interface in our dashboard, which will correct this issue.

    In the meantime, what you can do is create a second set of Floating Share Buttons. On one of the floating tools, you would set it to hide on desktop. Then set the other tool to hide on mobile. Then adjust the Responsive Width according to your preferences. To ensure that the buttons appear on your tablet, you would want to increase the Responsive Width for the mobile only tool to a width slightly higher than on the iPad.

    Check out this video that walks through the process:


    Plugin Author Ahmed Kaludi


    stevenpyoung – Thank you for amazing detailed information. I have some doubts in my mind about this topic, please help me clear them.

    1. When you say “customize other social sharing services”, what exactly do you mean by that?

    2. I didn’t knew there was an issue with ‘Sticky Social Sharing bar’ and ‘Add this’, can you please share a screenshot or something which will help me see this problem? We can solve this for sure!

    Please let me know which social sharing services would you like to see in the social sticky bar and please share the URL so that I can get better understanding.



    Thanks for reply.

    1. For example, Jetpack plugin’s social sharing button provides a feature for users to make their own sharing button by typing in sharing links and uploading icons. If a want to make a sharing button for Douban, a popular rating website for books, music, movies, etc in China, I just need to type in something like “!service/share?href={url}&name={name}” and upload an icon. Problem solved! However, Jetpack’s visual design is weird so I rather not use it. If you can develop this feature and make the icon support CSS rather than pictures, that would be pretty helpful.

    There are several popular social media in China, such as Douban, Weibo, WeChat, Tencent QQ, Qzone, etc. Of course AddThis supports all of them. But it’d be great if you make them native for AMPforWP. If you want to explore the actual links for those social service, you can git clone this repository “” and check out “demo/test-no-jquery.html”.

    2. About the AddThis issue, I would re-check it later and update.


Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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