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  • Ok I am trying to pull the posts from some sub sites in to the feed from a main site.

    so (shows feed for the entire network, even in the rss, and email subsciptions)

    then the, would all run independantly.

    The only example that I know of is how works.

    I don’t want to multipost as I am not looking to duplicate content, I want the link on the feed to point to the sub site post page.

    I had thought about just using a taxonomy that I called site. But to map URL accordingly. and to have a completely different change the site nav/layout/etc. all accordingly to a domain doesn’t seem possible. Especially when they give us multisite. It would also be great if we could for example move an article across sites.

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  • You can’t really do it without SOME duplication of content. However. can do it WITH duplication, yes, but WITHOUT duplication penalties.

    and the plugin above links to the originating post.

    see it in action at

    That is mainly what I am looking for. I dont mind some DB duplication, but I dont want to duplicate posts and have different comments and what not for each, which is what the mulipost plugin and other seem to do. This looks great.

    Any answers to moving article between sites. I would suspect that it would have to mark the original with some sort of redirect so links still work and then copy the post over (same tags same publish date, etc.)

    I know this isn’t considered great. but I might run into something were i have so many post of a specific type that it ends up warranting is own subsite. It is hard to know that all ahead of time.

    C’est impossible. Can’t most posts between sites, as they are separate by nature. You can pick ’em up and move ’em manually (i.e. copy paste) but that’s it.

    Actually, I think I can work the secong part out with a redirect in the .htaccess file. them do an export/import of a selection of posts. I can cross that bridge when it comes.

    As far as the default post count. I am setting it up so my main site is the tag site. Does the post count still take efect. as I stil plan on writing posts that are specifically part of the main blog.

    I believe yes, it does.

    hmm, it gets to be a little problematic then. Oh well, this will work for know. I might just have to move to movable type later or build out my own engine. But I can at least get up and running with this. basically, I am going to be storing every blog post twice with this plugin. Do database size will be double. And I can’t have it going and deleating any posts. Need to be able to search for everything from the main site.

    Size shouldn’t be an issue. The size of the posts themselves are fairly small, esp when you consider all comments will go to the REAL post.

    If you’re running multisite with a lot fo blogs, your db will be big, yes using SWT does not *double* the db. Just the posts.

    the value to delete posts after X amount can be increased. I’ve had the plugin ruing on that site for literally years, since before it first came out. 😉

    Yeah I should have said the posts table would be twice as big. not the entire db.

    OK, nm pulling hais here. Basical the data to store posts is twice as large as I am storing each post at least twice.

    Anyway I also came across the WP3 Broadcast plugin. Seems to be more flexible for my setup. I think I am going to go with it. Thanks for all your guys’ help though.

    The total number of posts, on the ENTIRE network, will be doubled, but your DB (not even adding up all the wp_x_posts tables) will because of (drum roll please) revisions 😀

    You won’t have any for the main blog, keeping the size smaller.

    SWT is for pulling posts into one blog.

    broadcast is for pushing posts out to multiple blogs.

    Thanks for all the help guys, regardless if it is push or pull, the end result is the same for me. Broadcast just allows me to be more selective about it. And allows me to have a little more granularity.

    Niether are perfect for me so i will probably end up writing my own, but thanks for everything.

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