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  1. jared s smyth
    Posted 4 years ago #

    hi, so i've hit a wall with a site i'm building. it's a site for a record label, and i am seriously trying to make sure all they have to do to fill in data on all the pages is create posts, some with custom fields. i'll try to explain what i'm having a problem with and what i'm trying to do:

    goal: have 'artist page's' automatically pull in posts from the 'media' category, and place them in a div on the right side. now that's not hard. here's where it gets tricky: dynamically read custom key values written in the individual artist' pages (key='artist_name' value='x_name_of_artist') AND THEN pull posts from the "media" category that have a tag that matches the value="x_name_of_artist" that make any sense?

    when you go to johnny rockstar's page (which is just a post containing custom key"artist_name" value="johnny_rockstar") it automatically pulls other posts from the 'media' category that are tagged "johnny_rockstar"

    any help would be wonderful. i know how to do some of this already (ie. pulling the category, and the tag, and the post meta key value), what i need help with is the logic statement of "if tag equals custom key value"


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