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  1. RHCdG
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    Would anybody know of a plugin that allows placing a pull down menu that users may use to navigate to various sections on a page?
    If you would take a quick look at this page, although it is in Dutch, you will see what I mean. The user puts his cursor on the downward arrow next to the box, scrolls through the list, clicks on a term, and the page jumps to the corresponding section.

    Any suggestions that work with Atahualpa are highly appreciated!



  2. I don't know of any plugins which will do this... but you can accomplish it via some custom css and page anchors.

    Too much to cover in this forum... but it should get you started.

    1. Make a custom css menu for all your dropdown items.
    2. Use page anchors to link the text from each dropdown item to it's corresponding spot on the page.

  3. popper
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    I don't know any plugins -though, of course, I don't know every plugin out there :) - But you could achieve this using anchors and the menu itself maybe with some jquery, adding a specific class to those anchors?

  4. Perhaps something like this:

    Although it isn't yet confirmed compatible with WP 3.4.1

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