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    Sorry, but I’m not a strong enough programmer for that to help. I’m guessing that I should either (a) somehow change the widget “Xydac Taxonomy Term List” that I’m currently using or (b) create something that replaces that widget in the sidebar.

    I understand the function wp_dropdown_categories. But if I’m to alter the Xydac widget, i don’t understand where and how.

    Thanks for your help so far.

    I use the “taxonomy drill down” widget provided by plugin

    It proposes to filter *Posts* based on multiple taxonomies with alternative layout: dropdown, checkbox and lists. I’m quite happy with it. compatible with Ultimate CMS in WP3.5.1.

    I didn’t manage to make it work on custom types, and had to stick to standard posts… but custom taxonomies are well supported.

    hope this helps.

    berteh – yes, big help. Worked fine with one remaining issue.

    Whether i use that plugin’s widget or XYDAC’s taxonomy term list (which just lists, not as a pulldown), i get the following behavior… the website ( has both public and private posts. Yes, whether one is logged in or not, both taxonomy widgets only list as selectable options those items appearing among the set of public posts. You do not see nor can you select options that only appear among the set of private posts, but of course that is needed. The good news is that if you do a search (on one of the selectable items), you do correctly get both public and private posts if you are logged in.

    Any idea how to get it to list as selectable options both public and private?

    no idea no.
    I guess you could try contact the plugin author to suggest as an improvement he makes sure to encompass the data of private posts when a user is logged in.

    Plugin Author XYDAC


    Well you can try using an updating version while i am still testing it.
    You can grab the code from

    nice widget draft XYDAX, thanks for your nice work!

    A related suggestion:

    I really like the way the template sampressionlite/ puts a list of tick-boxes on top of the page to select in/out a few categories… but it doesn’t support custom types & taxonomies.

    If it’s not too much work maybe you could provide as well a “simplified” version of your widget that generates a similar “filter” behavior, with no submit button but directly filters out the (custom) posts based on (some) (custom) taxonomies terms… I’d then be able to put this widget in any area of my template.

    Thanks again,

    I inserted the version you suggested 2 weeks ago, but still have problem noted above.


Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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