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  1. wfcentral
    Posted 3 years ago #

    I am looking for a plug-in to pull data/content from a central website. If it does not exist I might start lessons on how to build plug-ins.

    I have about 6 different scenarios where I would use this so I'm just giving a goofy example for this discussion.

    I have a web design business and at my website http://www.MyWebDesignURL.com I build a mySQL database where I enter information.

    My clients all use wordpress and I want them to be able to pull details about their account into a widget on their wordpress site.

    The plug-in widget would ask them for something like the URL to a page on my site and their client_ID number.

    I would design the plug-in so that it could pull certain fields and display them on their site (pulling the content from my site).

    I'm not sure if I build all the code into the plugin OR if I make an RSS type feed on my site and then just look for a plug-in that pulls RSS feeds???

    Just a shot in the dark - any comments welcome.

  2. bcworkz
    Posted 3 years ago #

    Don't know about existing plugins, I'm the wrong person to answer that part.

    RSS doesn't sound like a good solution if the information is different for every client. Also, if this information is in anyway confidential, it will complicate things.

    My approach would be to develop a sort of crude "API" for the main data server. I use the API term very loosely. Upon receiving a particular GET request from the WP widget, it would use the included url parameters to retrieve particular information and return that info as a formatted web page.

    Then on the other end, the widget takes the info returned and displays the contents on the WP page on which it resides.

    On a crude level of simply exchanging data, this should involve little coding. To make it all pretty and widgetized will take more doing.

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