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  • At my job, we’re creating a commercial kiosk where people can create and manage an account. We have the API calls available, but we need user accounts to sync with our WordPress powered website.

    They won’t be able to create/register an account from the website; they will simply log in with an existing account that was created at a public kiosk. From there they can edit the account and it should update on both the website and the kiosk server.

    How can this be done in WordPress?

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  • Moderator bcworkz


    The kiosk only needs to be a client computer running a web browser. WordPress and all the related data and server apps all reside on your actual webserver.

    The kiosk is essentially just providing a view to the webserver where everything actually resides in one place, and is presumably backed up regularly. It’s no different than you using your computer to view the data on this forum. Your computer could be made into a kiosk, and this forum still resides on it’s current webserver. Your firm’s website is no different.

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