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    I know someone published on something similar, but I didn’t understand the answer.

    I am, admittedly, new at this.

    I like your plugin, but I can’t figure out how to get it to publish my posts to FB- I get a “You must authorize publish_stream permission in the settings of the plugin’ message on my editor page.

    I have installed a Facebook connect plugin, as I know you said it has something to do with Facebook connect, but I still don’t understand what you said in response to the other question

    You must FIRST activate Facebook connect and you must be facebook connected on your site. Then you clicking on the button will reload the page, and reload the data associated (pages list etc…)

    Then select pages you want the plugin will publish on in the List menu and save settings

    Then In editor you can manage if you want to publish or not.

    1. How do I know if FB Connect is connected? Would it be if I activated the plugin?
    2. What button do I click to give me the list of pages?

    I don’t know if it just looks differently because it’s a new version of wp or what, but I am confused. Please be as specific as possible.

    Thank you.

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    1. How do I know if FB Connect is connected? Would it be if I activated the plugin?

    Hi, the plugin has a built in facebook connect features. you can’t use others.
    1. fill you app information and save.
    2. go to the “facebook connect tab” and activate the feature
    3. go in facebook awd “plugins” menu, then click on connect button.
    4. you can configure default settings for all login button on your site.

    You can add login button using shortcode or widgets.

    In the plugin settings, you can go in the facebook connect tabs, there is a field “permissions”. This field permission must contain the “publish_stream”, ex: email, publish_stream

    What button do I click to give me the list of pages

    You must configured the built in facebook connect features to be able to see the list of page.
    Once connected in admin with your facebook account, you will have access to the list of pages.
    To see the list, go in section “manage page” in the plugin settings.

    Sorry, but I’m also having some trouble getting this to work.

    I installed your AWD plugin instead of the official Facebook plugin because it’s simply broken for me (doesn’t save my app id & secret, gives no error).

    Yours connects fine with my app, and I’ve set up “Authorize app to access your pages” successfully (the pop-up showed two Facebook authorization dialogs). However, clicking “Authorize app to publish on your pages” briefly shows a pop-up which automatically closes itself, then the settings page reloads itself.

    I don’t have anything called “Connect” on the Facebook AWD “plugins” menu, but the “My Facebook” widget thing shows me as connected.

    If I click Logout in that widget, I’m logged out, but clicking “Login with Facebook” afterwards (after logging in to WordPress dashboard again) will just briefly open a blank popup which closes itself again.

    Interestingly, when logged out, if I then click “Authorize app to publish on your pages”, it’ll open a pop-up prompting me to login to Facebook. After having done so, the pop-up closes, and the settings page reloads again. I can’t get a pop-up asking for publish_stream permissions. And I still get the message when editing a post that I need to set up the publish_stream permission before AWD will post to my timeline.

    I previously created the Publish <> Action pair trying to set up my Facebook App for the official WordPress plugin. Don’t know if that makes any difference?

    Thanks 🙂

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