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    Hello everyone,

    My WP site was running well before but because I want to use multi-site function so I made some settings then now I got trouble.

    I did updating to 5.0.2, setting a multi-site network and created a sub-site all at once few days ago but noticed that there might be something wrong when I tried to post something in my both sites.

    What I did are shown below:
    1. got a notification that the new version of WP is available, then updated on WP
    2. modified wp-config.php for activating multi-site function
    3. modified wp-config.php and .htaccess regarding the guide on WP for setting multi-site
    4. set multi-site network and created a new sub-site
    Everything went perfectly till today when I post.

    1. When I tried to upload a picture in the editor, I got “The response is not a valid JSON response.”
    2. Seems to fail updating and saving draft because I always can see “Updating failed” on the top of the editor.
    3. Click on Publish/Schedule, it shows “Publishing/Scheduling failed”
    4. Click preview, it keeps running but nothing shown

    I have disabled all plug-ins and set back theme to default one (twenty-…) but it doesn’t work.
    Then I recovered my backup of wp-config.php and .htaccess before modified but still got no luck.
    So I suspect that the new version of update causes this problem.

    Does anyone of you have ideas how can I check furthermore or fix it?
    Thanks in advance.

    PS. I am using a raspberry pi with raspbian to host WP myself.

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    add one more thing observed: I can post via WP app on my iPhone.

    If you are hosting the site on your server, check the logs and it might give a better picture of the issue.

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    thanks for taking care this ticket.

    I would like to update the status so far.
    After I noticed that I can post via WP-app on my phone, I assume this issue comes from Gutenberg editor.
    Therefore I installed classic editor plugin, prioritized it and gave a try.
    It works!
    So I focused on solving this issue on Gutenberg.
    First of all I wanted to check Gutenberg version and sought if I can only reinstall it.
    Then I downloaded the Gutenberg plugin and activated it, gave it one more try.
    Surprisedly this time the Gutenberg works perfectly as before.

    I am not professional but I guess that if there is a Gutenberg editor plugin and a built-in, the WP will give the plugin priority.
    I believe this problem is not solved thoroughly but I finally can post.

    If my case could be helpful or someone can give better solutions, I am glad to provide more info.

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