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  • WordPress is installed at one domain, but I want the content published to another domain, which is located at a different ISP.

    I looked at moving the domains, changing the URI in the database and in the WordPress admin but got myself into a heapload of trouble.

    I know with Blogger you can publish your content via FTP wherever you like — how is this possible with WordPress?

    I can give specifics on the ISPs/domains if need be

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  • Can anyone help here?

    It looks like it’s not possible to do what I want. I saw one recommendation to publish on one server and then the other server could pick up the RSS feed.

    I’m still hoping there’s a better solution.

    I’ve got WP hosted in 1 place but I want to publish the blog on another server. The other server is running IIS so I don’t think I can install WP directly on it. But the blog is meant to be part of a bigger site that’s all hosted on the IIS server.

    Any help is appreciated.

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