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    How can I publish a list of all comments, on a separate page, ideally, with pagination (e.g 20 comments per page)?

    Right now, I’m using a plugin (Get Recent Comments) to display the latest 5 comments. What I want is a page where visitors can scan a longer list of recent comments, instead of extending the list in the sidebar.

    I hope this is the right forum for this question, else, please point me to where it is…


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  • I’d be interested in this as well…

    I thought I might be being lazy on on this one, hence no replies… I haven’t gotten around to doing it, but I think the comments listing has to be done by creating a custom template. Not quite as simple as loading a plugin, you have to read the docs, but it doesn’t seem difficult. I’ll follow up when I get it done.

    BTW, I’m not sure where to post these sort of less-than-emergency questions? Is there another set of WP forums that’re better for this stuff?

    Bump – I’m looking for this code, too – Customizable comment listings conflicts with customizable post listings in 2.2.2 – so I need an alternate way to display all comments in a separate page.

    I’m looking for this code, too. Hope someone can write or wordpress can really think it is important about advance comment function. I’m now using the very great Plug-in “Paged Comment Editing”. But it only shows in Editing panel. There is no viewer’s vision. (At least, I finally can read all comments in my site)

    Plugin Name: Paged Comment Editing
    Plugin URI:

    The Author, Brian, since does not offer any upgrading right now.

    This is a walk in the park. Follow closely for step by step instructions.

    1. Build a new template. Copy and paste index.php and save as recents.php.

    2. In recents.php delete the loop.

    3. In its place put the recent comments tag (consult codex).

    4. Create a new page.

    5. Associate page with template.

    6. Open a beer, sit in your hot tub, chill out.

    Can you link to the recent comments template tag in the codex? I’m not finding it.

    Thank you!

    This is interesting – I cant find an example in Codex. It is built into WP and available via a widget. But what the code is I am not quite sure yet.

    Moderator Samuel Wood (Otto)

    (@otto42) Admin

    There is no recent comments tag. That widget actually directly queries the database to get the comments and display them.

    Oddly enough, WordPress has rather poor functionality in terms of getting and displaying comments. Basically, you have to directly query the database and pull out the comments. There’s no standardized ways to do it like with posts and such. This is largely because comments have been neglected in a major way.

    Perhaps in the future, comments will be elevated to a better status and integrated with everything else. For now, do a query and get what you need from the DB directly.

    I can hear the next question coming Otto42:)
    In the meantime the get recent comments plugin must have the bare bones of the code needed. There must be a limit number – removing it would give all of them. Add a bit of pagination and whey……

    I have a page showing all comments and it is controlled by the Recent Comments plugin as stated in the original post.

    Set at 999 max but I will worry about the pagination issue when it gets to be a problem.

    Ideally, I’d like to publish the post excerpt beside the comment excerpt. The Recent Comments plugin won’t work for me, but I’m using that too, for the duration.

    Thanks, shadow. I grabbed Recent Comments and did the same thing. It’s pretty good for now, I couldn’t get some of the plugin tags to work, so I left it at the default, a chronological list of links: “User commented on Post Title”.

    I’m also using Get Recent Comments, but it doesn’t seem to allow parameters from the tag so maybe I can run only one configuration. Now, it’s limited to last five comments for the sidebar. So for now, I have both plugins going.

    Didn’t realize comments was a second class citizen in WP world. My blog is the type where a fair number of comments either thread from a direct post-related comment to a broader discussion, or are not even directly post-related, more blog topic-related. So comments act like a forum, which isn’t uncommon. It would be GREAT to integrate, like, bbPress with WP comments, so comments and threads could be selectively, seamlessly carried over from blog to forum!

    Hi, if you guys want a plug-in for ‘Publishing a list of all comments, plus with pages’. I found this one is quite good!

    Although it is in Chinese, later I may help to have an English version.

    I did this for my website. the sample page is here.



    I’m pretty happy with the Recent Comments solution (mentioned a couple of posts up), so I’m gonna mark this thread Resolved!


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