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  • After I’ve written a post and pressed the Publish button, only a portion of the post actually publishes. I’ve re-updated the software, tried to publish in Safari, Opera, Firefox, and Chrome. All are giving me the same result.

    I’ve re-written the post and submitted several different times and it only posts a portion of what I’ve written. Is this a common problem?

    I can’t think of any settings that might be causing the problem. I installed the LightBreaker theme by Moses Francis, but would the theme effect the way the post is published?

    It’s getting a little frustrating so any direction right now would be appreciated. Thank you ahead of time for your help.

    For any of you coders out there the link is stockfoodstorage dot com. Any help is appreciated.

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  • Is this the only post that this happens with? It could be a server security configuration issue:

    try deactivating all plugins and testing
    if works, re-activate one by one

    @ esmi
    It happens on my post and my static pages. I will review your link thank you for your quick response!

    @ Samuel B
    Another great Idea I will try that right now. Thank you also for your quick response!

    @ Samuel B

    Okay after having to rewrite the code 6-7 times I pasted the information into the notepad as a back up. I deactivated all of the plugins (even hello dolly) and tried to post and it continued to happen where only part of the post would publish. When I look at the code I notice it’s not placing the paragraph text in the < p brackets. this wouldn’t affect the publish would it?

    It might hint at a deeper problem. What happens if you publish a shorter Lorem Ipsum post?

    I tried a 2 paragraph Lorem Ipsom the a 4 paragraph lorem ipsom. Both posted fully each time. I didn’t have an image attached in the lorem ipsom posts so I could try that also.

    The closer you can get to successfully publishing a Lorem Ipsum post that resembles your original post in length & overall layout, the more likely it becomes that you’ve hit a server security issue. It could be just 1 word that’s doing it – right after the point at which the original post gets chopped.

    Here is a weird phenomenon. “Water Storage” was the word where the post stops (it is also a link). I received a comment in the comments section saying something like […]water storage[…]. I didn’t think anything of it.

    the comment originally posted when I published the first post. Then I inserted it into the lorem ipsom post to see if it would cut it off but it didn’t. but then I noticed I got another comment identical to the one above. does this make any sense?

    Not really, no. If the post was published, the comment could be just a spammer coincidence.

    After looking into it a little more, it looks like they are considering the link as a track back to that page. I’m going to try and start a new post and completely rewrite it first and add the links in later. If that works then I’ll add the picture. at this point I’ll look into that link you sent in the beginning and see if I can isolate some word or something.

    Any other ideas after that?

    I’m having this trouble as well. Here goes:

    Each time I make a post on my site, portions of the post will disappear when I publish it. It’s happening with any post length, 200 words or 800 words. The latter part of it always cuts off when I publish. I haven’t changed anything or added in any plugins so I don’t think it’s anything interfering.

    I contacted my hosting company (Bluehost) and they seem to think it’s an issue with the way the theme is coded and suggested that I check with the developer for “compatibility issues.” Can anyone help me with this??

    Now…I’ve switched to the WP default theme. I’ve deactivated ALL plugins. The posts are still disappearing. When I post content on other domains with basic theme, this isn’t happening. I haven’t a clue as to what’s causing this.

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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