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  • Greetings!

    I am working on a site at, using a child theme of Twenty Twelve.

    I have four Pages set up to display feeds of Posts within a corresponding Category (Press, Stage, Blog, Bios, respectively). These all work beautifully on my local MAMP development site. They also DID work on my live site early this afternoon, until suddenly they stopped.

    Now the only one that works is bios (, I would hazard that this is because it’s a child page and doesn’t have a chance of conflicting with the category archive of the same name. The other three are main pages. It’s almost as if they don’t exist/aren’t published.

    This seemed to happen just after having deactivating and reactivating all of my plugins in an effort to troubleshoot a separate problem I’d been having.

    In an effort to solve I’ve tried:

    • deactivating all plugins via Dashboard
    • switching to the default Twenty Twelve template
    • unpublishing and republishing each page
    • deleting and recreating each page
    • deleting my custom page templates in an effort to load the default Page.php
    • re-uploading each page template
    • resetting permalinks
    • deactivating all plugins in PHP my admin
    • reloading wp-admin and wp-includes from a fresh install
    • reinstalling WordPress
    • praying

    Nothing has worked and I’m going crazy! Any help you could give would be SO appreciated! Thanks.

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