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  • Hi all

    Is there a way in which to create another post type?

    My problem…

    I have so many posts in a backlog waiting to be published that they get muddled up with the drafts that I have. I love the way that the Drafts are shown and was wondering if there was a way to create a “ready to publish” list as well.

    Does that make sense? Is it a stupid idea or something that may be usefull to others as well?

    Cheers for looking in.

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  • Drafts sort of server the purpose of a ready to publish/work in progress piece.

    That is to say, you can keep your drafts behind the scenes while you publish other articles and when you’re ready to publish it you hit publish.

    I don’t think your idea is stupid, but perhaps you need to make clear what your aim is. What do you think an additional form of post would assist with?

    I’m in a simialr position, in that I have about 300 or so posts that I need to publish by copying and pastinfr one setup to another. I have several articles in the drafts section, and place them until I am ready to work on them. Then as I work on each one, I publish them when I’m happy with it. I think organisation is the best way to manage this, because if you think about it, do you think your backlog will t revert from drafts to ready to publish instead? In which case you may need a “Defintely ready to publish” post type:)?

    Andrea Rennick


    Customer Care at Copyblogger Media and Studiopress

    Well, I recently figured out you can edit the timestamp to the future, hit publish, and it won’t show up on your site until the specified time. You could take all the post that are ready to go, say there were five, and edit the timestamps for each day of the rest of the week.

    At least it’s out of your Draft pile then. 🙂 And you’d have fresh content on a regular basis. One more reason to love WP.

    Why not ? : store them in text some place ?

    Cheers for your comments guys, a little more info needed I guess…

    I have loads of posts ready and waiting to publish. I don’t want to publish them right away and I only want to publish a few each day. So, I work on each one and then save them in finished form ready to publish when I feel like it. I don’t know in advance when this might be as I look at the posts in the morning and try and pick a few that are different from one another.

    So, I think Jinsan’s last statement makes the most sense out of what I would like to do, have a “drafts” section and a “Definitely ready to publish”

    At the moment I create the post and then when I’m done I add a couple of *’s in front of it to show that it’s “Definitely ready to publish” like this **My New Post That’s Ready To Publish.

    Make sense?

    Andrea Rennick


    Customer Care at Copyblogger Media and Studiopress

    Makes sense to me. 🙂 (actually, I kinda like this idea…)

    So…is there a way to do it or would it need a plugin to be created?

    Perhaps something could be added (to the css maybe) to help distinguish between posts in addition to such an addition tot he post format.

    Published items are green
    Ready to publish items could be amber
    For example, draft items are a distinctive colour such as dusty rose

    So when you see a list of your posts they’re obvious as to what they are.

    Did I just make a traffic light?

    That would do fine, could it be done though? Anyone?

    I think that’s the key question, also if there isn’t that much demand for it I can’t see it happening, it would probably also require changes to the core – that woudl probably interfere with any WP updates you may need to make. If it can be done without modifying the core (say dropping in a seperate php file for that plugin) then it would be more welcome.

    I can’t code, I don’t know a monkey from an iguana, so I can only assume I know what I’m talking about. Hopefully someone will consider this – although it depends on how big a task this really is, it could be quite gargantuan – like a turnip.

    fingers crossed hey.

    hate to bring super old posts back from the dead, but this is actually a really good idea. I would love to be able to set different flags on my drafts — so perhaps there’s a flag for 1st Draft, Editorial Revisions, and Ready For Publication. They are all still technically drafts, but perhaps a way to flag these different levels with a color or icon…

    Yep, I second that – I work on a collaborative blog, and typically queue up a number of posts ready to go in my Drafts folder. But I like to have the other authors review my posts before they go live, and hence want some way of flagging posts for attention.

    Perhaps one could add an extra field to the posts through the UserExtra plugin, then filter the post titles in Manage according to that? (Perhaps chaning their colours, like the traffic light styling above) I’m happy to hack around for a bit, if anyone could give me an idea of where to start?

    Use a custom field, or use a set of custom categories. Both are easily doable without core modification — though you’d obviously want to modify the admin pages (possibly via a plugin, but I’ve never tried plugin-modding admin stuff…) to CSS-mark the drafts differently based on the custom field or cat.


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