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  • I have been searching for months and have yet to find the solution to my problem. I hope I can get some pointers here.

    I am currently blogging (or better call recording stuff – I started with that intention) in my private blog. However, as I add/record more stuff in it, I feel there are things that can benefit others if being shared publicly (e.g. technical, traveling hits). I personally have benefited from the generous content sharing on the web. Also, it is easier to share stuff from a public blog (e.g. travel logs, interesting articles). I would like to do the following:

    1. Continue to blog everything in my private blog, where it will serve THE place I go to record/find my stuff. Call blog A.
    2. At the meantime, set up another public blog with different url. Call blog B.
    3. When I publish an article (e.g. post, page) in blog A, the article (including related media) gets ‘selectively’ (and automatically) published to blog B depending on its category. E.g. I create a unique Category called Public, and all posts/pages in Public get published to both blog A and B (with same tagging, categories, medias, etc).

    Note blog A and B are eventually independent entity and all reference urls (e.g. media, cross reference to other posts) are different (e.g.** and**). They are separate installations of WordPress ideally. The two sites can have different looks, different menus, which I will manually set up.

    I have looked at Multisite, but it doesn’t seem to do #3. Doing export/import is laborious and dealing with two different reference urls can be messy (e.g. medias, post cross reference). The closest I found is to use third party writer (e.g. Windows Live) and once I completed an article in it I publish it to two blogs (one after another). However, WLW (as well as other third party writers) does not work with plugins I am using (e.g. syntax highlighter, upload to folders based on post slug, etc). I am writing from TinyMCE in WordPress.

    Has anyone done similar thing I want to do? How do you do it? Any pointers will be much appreciated.

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  • I’ve used some of the “Social plugins” to automatically post on FaceBook for certain categories of posts on my site. And I suspect you will find several that also let you post to another WordPress site.

    Look through the plugins at

    I don’t know anything about it, but this plugin says it can share posts to another “ Blog”:

    I would look at using one WordPress Site. Make the main blog private. Then create a page for your public posts by dragging your Public category to the menu.

    @jonradio Thanks for the pointer to network-publisher. It’s almost there. It uses (through) third party server and seems too complicated for my purpose.

    @kevinhaig Thanks for the suggestion.

    Based on @jonradio‘s pointer, I found Push Syndication. It is closest to my need and am experimenting with it now. One problem noted now is that the medias are not pushed — so reference back to private url. The search continues …

    Hi, would you folks mind if I pop in here? I have a similar situation, and it seems that Kevinhaig’s answer may apply…

    My client wants a pubic site with a private blog for members only. I’ve tried more than a dozen plugins, and NONE of them allow me to: keep the main site public and make the blog page (the page where all the post titles and maybe excerpts are listed) private.

    From kevinhaig’s post:
    I would look at using one WordPress Site. Make the main blog private. Then create a page for your public posts by dragging your Public category to the menu.

    …it sounds like what I want is possible. Can kevinhaig tell me how to do what he suggested? No matter what I use to set the main blog (in this case my only blog) private, then either the whole site is private, or the main blog page is public.

    It seems that WP treats the blog page the same as the main or home page.

    I have these settings in Settings/Reading:
    Front Page displays: a static page:
    * home: my home page
    * posts page: my blog page

    Thanks to anyone for advice!!



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    @anetos: As per the Forum Welcome, please post your own topic. Posting in an existing topic prevents us from being able to track issues by topic. Added to which, your problem – despite any similarity in symptoms – may be completely different.

    Thanks, will do…

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