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    As WordPress now includes multi-blogs and gets used more and more in a professional editorial environment I was wondering if and when users could expect to create a single post and publish it to X appropriate blogs in a given installation.

    To be clear, its nice to be able to preview the home page layout (with its multiple categories, posts…) before actually showing it to the public. So what if we could post articles to a secondary (private access) blog first, validate, then publish over to the main public blog…

    There may be other ways to do this, any ideas are welcome.

    I think WordPress is one of the greatest pieces of software out there and this would be a huge leap towards the professional on-line editing market.

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  • I agree that would be nice. In the meantime, you might try Zoundry Raven, which I use. It’s not bad.

    I am looking for a feature exactly like this. Though I would like it to immediately publish all posts to the master blog.

    Neither are quite what I had in mind.

    We already have the main wordpress blog and then a number of smaller blogs from that. We want the posts from the smaller blogs to be co-posted on the main blog when they are posted. I don’t want all posts going to all other blogs and I do not want to make another blog just to collect everything.

    It also needs to be able to automatically syndicate the posts using the facebook networkblogs app.

    Andrea Rennick


    Customer Care at Copyblogger Media and Studiopress

    We want the posts from the smaller blogs to be co-posted on the main blog when they are posted.

    Ipstenu just gave you a link to do that: will collect your posts onto the main site.

    It does *exactly* what you want. How is it “not what I had in mind”?

    It says:

    This plugin creates a new blog

    which is not what I want to do.

    The description does not say anything about posting to the main blog. It makes a completely new separate blog and sends everything to that, which is utterly useless.

    If that is not what it does then that description is apalling and needs changing to reflect what it actually does.

    Also this:

    For performance reasons the number of posts is limited to a user configurable amount

    Is less than useful, unless it can be set to infinite.

    Andrea Rennick


    Customer Care at Copyblogger Media and Studiopress

    There’s an option to send posts to the main blog, which is does quite well.


    and also the plugin page under “other notes” , step 2.

    And set it to 9999999999999999 if you like.

    WordPress MU Sitewide Tags Pages. Hows that for an answer. It is a plug in. I use it as a search box. I copied The html code of the search box in the results blog and pasted into one of my themes with a ref=nofollow. It works good you can search all of your sub domains for post. You can chose to have the post sent to your main blog or to a separate sub domain. As far as I know it doesn’t have a administer feature to approve export to the main blog. Contact the creator I am pretty sure he can add the feature if you got a little money to spend. I use nofollow to stop Google from taking the content as duplicate content. You should consider the search engine results of posting duplicate content on 2 sites. You can try it out as a search box at one of my sub domains like [ redacted ] It is not used on my main site because my main site is a duplicate of the same theme minus the added search box. In this way I can add links to the footers of my sub domains with out adding them to my main blog

    The previous post has a link without the nofollow.

    And now its not.

    Well it sounds as if that is the solution then.
    Thank you very much everyone. 🙂

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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