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  • Hi, I’m preparing website and I need to post every hour new article. Is there any plugin which add something like posts queue (simple – I’ll make post and save it, plugin add it to queue and publish eg after 20 hours because there’ll be 19 posts before this post…)

    Thanks a lot…

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  • Future posting is built into WordPress out of the box. Just write the post and set the timestamp for whenever you want it to appear.

    Dgold: Yes, I know about this feature but I need something which will add timestamt automatically eg +1 hours to every post.

    I woudl like to post many articles per day and it’s very difficult to set good timestamp…

    Sounds like a splog project… which you are free to do, as we are free not to feel like helping.

    moshu: No, actually it’s blog about interesting videos on the web. I’m not happy that you think these things about me 🙁

    If you’re really taking time to “write” 24 posts a day, it seems to me you would already be on the Write Post page and it would be only 1 extra click (maybe 2) to increase the timestamp +1 each time. To me that seems the same amount of work as adding each post to a queue of a plugin.

    However I guess what you want to do is create 100’s of posts (perhaps in some automated way), and have each one +1 timestamp automatically?

    Dgold: No, I just want collect funny videos (but the part about timestamp+1 is right)

    I’m not spammer, scammer and stealer 😀

    Well, if you don’t want to create 100’s to 1000’s of posts, then just click 2 times on the timestamp for every Post. It’s built into WP, you don’t need a plugin for this.

    It will be less clicks than the # of keys you pressed to type this thread.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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