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  • Hi,

    I’m new to WP and want to know if it’s possible to publish my internal site outside our network. I created an upload site using wpforms. The site is working internally but when I configure to be accessible from the outside I’m getting a lot of “net::err name not resolved” error. I added an A record in our Cloudflare that points to one of my IP block, then created a NAT and ACL to hit the internal server. From the outside, I can access the site but all the fields/textboxes are stacked up. This is the error from the browser.

    GET https://site/1/wp-content/plugins/wpforms-form-locker/assets/js/wpforms-form-locker.min.js?ver=1.2.3 net::ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED

    where “site” is the WP address URL (this server has an internal IP) and “1” is the site. Thanks

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  • Yes it is possible to publish your site outside of your network, well probably.
    However the popular wisdom is that your really do not want to do this, exposing your server to the wild world of the internet can be very demanding upon it and demanding of your server security and support staff.

    What you really need to learn is how a browser loads a webpage, this is not about WordPress. Initially a browser requests a page from your server, your server delivers an HTML document. The doc contains the text of the page and web addresses of supporting components such as images, background images, javascript and CSS files. The browser must use these to fetch the rest of what it needs, since you are getting “name not resolved” errors, it means that these requests are failing. WordPress uses the home address and site address to create these web addresses of support components. Use your browser inspector to look at these addresses. The reason your form bits are all stacked up is that your browser was unable to fetch the required css file etc.

    So this is what you need.
    You must have a fixed IP address assigned to your internet gateway, say it is “a.b.c.d”. You could put this into your site and home addresses, but it is more conventional to use the domain name system to map the name to this IP.
    On your gateway you forward the required ports to your webserver LAN address, ports are 80 for http and 443 for https.
    Then you need to make sure that on your LAN side that the forwarding works there too.
    Not sure how cloudflare changes anything.

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