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  • Im just starting out with wordpress, inserted a title and short description. Then i deleted it and reinstalled into a differently named folder Logged back in after a while but cant save or publish snymore. Im using the twenty eleven theme. The save button comes on when i use full screen mode but no publish buttons appear no matter what i`ve tried. Can anyone pls help.


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  • What did you delete? The post or WordPress itself?
    Where was the original WP installed? URL please.
    Where is the current installation? URL please.
    When you reinstalled did you create a new database or used the existing one?

    I deleted worpdress itself and started the installation process all over again. The url is the same in both installations. Just changed the name of the folder slightly.
    No I didnt create a new database or anything like that.Could that be the source of the problem? A wordpress rookie here.

    I need to see your site. Can you give the URL (ie … but yours so that I can visit the site and see what is going on).

    And I would need to know some settings. Log in to WP Admin panel and go down to (menu on your left) Settings > General and let me know what is in the fields WordPress Address (URL) and Site Address (URL).

    Did you use a script (like Fantastisco) or an Application Installer to install and uninstall?

    The website is not loading at all when googled or searched. All you get is a page with a parent directory and when you click that it takes you to my hosting c-panel. Not sure that should happen

    However url/wp-admin in my browser loads up the site and thats how i get to log in.

    On the settings>general tab I have my domainname.wp-admin in both fields. i.e the wordpress address and the url address are the same.


    There is something wrong with your installation. If it showing the parent directory then you do not have index.php or an index.html file at your root level. Looks like WP was installed in a sub-drectory. Like I said, it is difficult to see what is happening if I do not know the URL

    Thanks Peter. I just deleted the whole thing and started again. Getting somewhere now with the new installation. Matter of fact geting the hang of it now day after day.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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