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    I have some articles with warnings, but I’d like to publish and submit and attempt to gain approval with the warnings intact. This seems possible with this advanced setting. However, I am unable to ‘submit for review’ the most recent 5 articles and currently published articles have ” This post was not yet submitted to Instant Articles. ” in the FB meta box.

    Consequently, I am unable to submit any articles to FB for review. Any insight would be appreciated, thank you.

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  • Perhaps I missed an important step here, I had to manually add my instant articles feed URL to ‘Production RSS’ under FB IA ‘Tools’ section. So, I was able to finally submit articles from the facebook admin. However, it just didn’t work on the WP side.

    Now that I’ve done that, this plugin says I have submitted my articles. Peculiar! I wonder if this part could be made more intuitive for future setups.

    Thanks for the feedback about this new feature, @bozzmedia! I’ll mark this topic as resolved since we’ve taken note of it.

    So just to confirm, it sounds like the “known issues” are:

    * If you’ve submitted an RSS feed (going around the whole in-plugin API based submission process) the UI does the same thing as if the in-plugin submission completed, which is confusing, so it should give a separate message based on the two and/or continue warning you that the in-plugin submission isn’t working since that’s what the message is supposed to be about.
    * If your recent posts don’t qualify for submission there’s no way to submit the older ones that do, so we need better control about which posts get submitted.

    Sounds about right. I want to clarify that the ‘Submit for Review’ button was never clickable. Perhaps because I had warnings. I wanted to submit anyway just to see if it would go through, hence why I ticked that option, but the only way to submit was to take my IA feed URL and manually add it to the FB IA tools on

    > the only way to submit was to take my IA feed URL and manually add it to the FB IA tools on

    The thing is I think this is going to result in a confused experience. I’m pretty sure your feed will be full of those posts with warnings and FB will judge you based on that which might be negative.

    Having the “Submit for review” system submit only the posts without warnings is pretty key to that setting being functional. For those of us with many posts that have invalid content we don’t have time to invent transformations for, there may never be a time when the last 10 posts are all clean, so the setting to skip invalid posts will be useless when we can never get approved by FB.

    I’m still at the starting stages of all this personally, haven’t even tried to submit a feed yet. Hoping it works when I get there (*_*)

    I managed to get approved with the warnings, they were mostly for unknown class tags, I want to test the platform before investing in to create new transformations for all of our little style adjustments that probably wouldn’t fly on fb articles anyway, so having that toggle work for an initial review submitted would be great. Let’s see how it goes.

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