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  • Publicize is working fine for direct publish posts but fails on scheduled posts.

    Tried twice. I currently have to manually post these to each social media outlet. A big problem since I shut off my normal auto sharing routes and most of my posts are scheduled.

    Is there a way to repost to initiate publicize until this is fixed?

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    There isn’t a way to re-publicize a previously published post. You would need to create a new post and publicize that one. Manually posting is probably the best way to go if you don’t want to delete the first post and create a new one.

    I tested scheduled posts as well and publicize worked for me without any problems. I didn’t test all of the social networks though, and I didn’t test multiple ones at a time. I tested using Twitter with a WordPress 3.4.2 blog running Jetpack 2.0, and it worked for me.

    Just out of curiosity, do the publicize options always work for your social network connections if you publish the posts yourself instead of scheduling them?

    I tried again. If it misses a schedule and I quick edit and update, it works. But if it posts via scheduled, without me forcing it, it does not work for any of the 3 places I linked it to. And yes, it works for all just fine through manual posts.

    Not sure what could be the difference. I am running same WP version as you.

    I contacted my host company who looked into the server config. Not sure if they did anything but it appears to be working now.

    Last night, a scheduled post ran on Tumblr and Facebook but not Twitter. This morning, a scheduled post ran on all three connected accounts.

    I’ll keep watching.

    OK, this is VERY hit or miss. Sometimes it work, sometimes it fails completely.

    This is a serious issue that would cause me to NOT use this. What could be the cause?

    I’m having the same issue here. With rare exception, all my posts are scheduled — and it appears that Publicize works very infrequently with scheduled posts.

    Same here.. I had a scheduled post which published 14 hours ago and Publicize did not post it to Facebook or Twitter.

    We would love to use this on all our clients’ sites, but if it’s hit or miss, we don’t have the time to troubleshoot multiple client installations.

    Twitterfeed, however, works like a charm. That’s what we were using previously while we were testing Publicize on our own site first before rolling it out to client sites.

    I think we’ll stick with Twitterfeed for now until Publicize proves to work.

    I have also experienced issues with Publicize not posting to social networks with scheduled posts. I’ve tested with two scheduled posts, both scheduled before upgrading to Jetpack 2.0, and both of them failed to publish to Twitter and Facebook.

    Have devs acknowledged this issue yet?

    I did get a message as a response to a support email that they have acknowledged it. Just not here.

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    The developers also tried testing after receiving these reports (like I did earlier too), but they were unable to reproduce the problem in any tests. I’m not sure what other info is needed to move this forward. Any details you can provide about what you think may or may not trigger the problem would be helpful, or if you can think of anything about your server setup that could be the source of the problem. Are you all using the same web hosting provider by any chance?

    I’m hosting my WordPress instance on a Linode server running Debian Squeeze with Nginx.

    I am using InMotion VPS and they have informed me (however much this means) that there is no problem with server config.

    I’m on LiquidWeb with nginx.

    Key plugins: Edit Flow, W3,

    I have the same problem. Posts won’t pub to my VB page or linkedin profile

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    I’m not really sure what the problem is based on the info collected here so far, and I can’t reproduce the problem in any tests. What I know so far is that Publicize is indeed working for scheduled posts, but it sounds like it’s not working for some of you but there’s no trend I can see so far that might give us a clue as to what’s causing that problem on your side.

    Are you guys also using the email subscription service in Jetpack? If you are, can you tell me if the email messages get through but the Publicize messages don’t? Also, if you report in about this, please note exactly which services you’re having trouble with, whether Publicize works for you without scheduling the post, and some basics about your server setup if you can provide that, and anything else you think might be worth tracking as a possible trend. I noticed two of you mentioned using nginx, but the others didn’t say what kind of web server they’re running. I’m just looking out for any trends (not sure exactly what yet), so the more details the better. What we really need are steps to reproduce the problem reliably in order to even start to try to fix it.

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