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    In the current JetPack version, I think Publicize calculates a tweet’s length the wrong way.

    By default, the tweet’s text contains the post’s title and a link to such. However, if the title is too long, it’s cut off.
    Now that’s a nice thing, but I think the plugin counts all chars of the link to the post as text of the tweet. But Links in Tweets are always 22/23 Chars long, depending on whether http or https is used.

    As an example, this is a faulty tweet of mine:
    Note that the post’s title actually is
    Leistungsschutzrecht 2.1 – FreeLens verklagt Google wegen Bildersuche
    and therefore 69 chars long.
    Title(69 chars) + space + url(22 chars) = 92 Chars, fits all in one tweet
    Title(69 chars) + space + …(1 char) + Full URL length(108 chars) = 178 chars.
    So the title is cut off after a maximum of 140-(108+1+1) = 30 chars, which isn’t correct.

    Could any dev please fix this in an upcoming version of JetPack?
    (Note that I use the full permalink to my posts, see )

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Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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