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  • Below is an example of the link not displaying correctly on Facebook:

    There are two links on that page.

    The link that displays the Strava logo and a link description next to it is the result of me pasting either the full URL or shortlink of my post.

    The other link is posted via Publicize (shared a link via and just displays the post title.

    Plugin Author Jeremy Herve


    Could you try publishing a new post, to find out if the problem is linked to Publicize, or to a temporary Facebook cache issue?


    Hi Jeremy

    Thanks for the quick reply.

    I have just created and published a brand new post, the result can been seen by following the link below:

    The link is still not displaying correctly on Facebook (no image and no description).

    I believe my topic may be similar to this one that has also been reported recently:

    Plugin Author Jeremy Herve


    Thank you. I noticed that you didn’t add any image to this post. Could you try to publish a new post, and add a Featured Image to that post before to publish it?

    Hi Jeremy,

    I can also confirm that this doesn’t seem to be a caching issue with FB. Whenever sharing posts via any other ways the Featured Image displays correctly, it’s only Publicize that doesn’t seem to pull the right image (it does pull an image from inside the post though, instead of Featured Image)


    Hi Jeremy

    My latest test post does contain a featured image, the GoPro logo is the feature image.



    Plugin Author Jeremy Herve


    @nick It seems that the image was not caught by Jetpack Open Graph tags. Could you leet me know how you added it to your post? Did you use the “Featured Image” module at the bottom right of the Edit Post area?


    Yes, I did!

    Plugin Author Jeremy Herve


    @nicktomkinson @danielnest Thank you both for your examples. I have passed them along to our developers, and we will investigate further. I will keep you updated!

    @jeremy Thanks! Looking forward to resolving this issue.

    Looking forward to updates here.

    same issue,, hatch w/ jetpack not publishing featured image or images in gallery in post… 🙂

    Having an issue where link will show up in facebook with a featured image OK but if there is NO image, it will not pull the logo I have set to default using WP Facebook Open Graph protocol. It uses my facebook avatar instead (which is actually the same pic that comes up for wordpress so that may be what it’s grabbing as well). I have it set to publish to a page, not my own wall, so this looks weird.

    This didn’t happen with the older version.

    If I share the post directly to facebook, it picks up the correct image.

    Plugin Author Jeremy Herve


    The Publicize module does indeed use your Gravatar module if you haven’t added any image to your post, nor defined a Featured image. Unfortunately, we cannot use the default image added by another plugin.

    Ahh thanks Jeremy I think you just answered a question I was going to ask.

    I manage a website for my wife who is also an admin of the site and I set Publicize up to post to her Facebook business Page. We couldn’t understand why a photo of me was appearing with her posts shared on the page and now I understand it’s coming from my Gravatar.

    Maybe there could be an option to use a default image when none are used in the post, rather like Yoast’s Wordress Seo does.

    I suppose if I want to use Publicize reliably at the moment I shouldn’t use the share with all accounts option and instead set my wife’s account up linked with her own fb and Gravatar accounts. Even though she’s using her own site account I guess it pulls the Gravatar image from the account (my account) that was originally used to connect to facebook?

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 50 total)
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