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  • Hi:
    I have recently been asked to maintain and improve this wp site.

    I have zero coding experience.
    I purchased the WCK pro version because I believe it will help me a lot.
    The first request is to create a form that can be used in the admin side, to upload publications. The key here is they need to be searchable by:
    Author, title, publisher, date, pages and topic.
    I need help figuring out what would be the best tool/tools in your kit to approach this task.

    I have attached the whole list of items from the client to help you understand the scope of the project.
    I really hope you can help me get started.

    Dany Schimpf

    Title: Database creation and photo gallery development

    Description: Develop a searchable database to encompass the following types of materials:

    1. Titled works, e.g., published papers and books, videos and other audio-visual materials, PowerPoint presentations, unpublished manuscripts and documents, posters
    a. Search by title words, author, date, source, page number?, topics
    2. Photo gallery, e.g., scenes, geology principles, locations, objects, fossils, living organisms, topics
    a. Search by location, topic, common name, scientific name (fossils and living organisms)
    3. GRI activities, e.g., staff names, research topics, seminar/conference locations, seminar dates
    4. News topics from the web, other sources
    a. Search by topics, location, name of organism, date

    5. Fields searchable by words, e.g., Pied-billed Grebe could be located from “Grebe”
    6. Boolean logic (and, or, not)
    7. Expandable in the future as needed

    Sample database record:
    A. Publications – papers, books, PowerPoints, manuscripts, videos, posters, news notes
    1. Topic
    2. Title
    3. Author
    4. Source
    5. Date
    6. Keywords (word searchable)
    B. Photos – geology, fossils, scenery
    7. Category
    8. Location (2 or 3 fields unless searchable by word)
    9. Date of Photo
    10. Era
    11. Epoch
    12. Stage
    13. Formation
    14. Keywords (word searchable; same as field 6)
    C. Photos – living organism, fossil organism
    15. Category (e.g., living organism; fossil; geology; etc)
    16. Common name (2 fields, unless searchable by word)
    17. Scientific name (2 fields unless searchable by word)
    18. Phylum
    19. Class
    20. Order
    21. Family
    22. Keywords (same as field 6)

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