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  • Hello,

    Your plugin duplicate, triple and more post in the same time and in the same timeline ?

    Any issue?


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  • ME too, someone else? Any fix?

    I need some help with the duplicate posts.Is there any solution for this problem ?

    Plugin Author C. Johnson


    @thiantpro , I’m sorry to hear you’re having this problem. Let me see what I can do to help. The first thing to do in trying to troubleshoot a problem with multiple duplicate posts is to take a look at the update method that you are using. If you go to **Syndication > Feeds & Updates** and you scroll down to the “Update Scheduling” panel, there should be a setting at the top of that panel labeled “Updates,” with a drop-down box beside it which reads either: “cron job or manual updates,” “automatically check for updates after pages load,” or “automatically check for updates before pages load.” Could you tell me which of those three settings you currently have?

    @george09 and @ertiti , same question. Let me know what you’ve got there and, depending on the answer, I’ll either have some advice or have a second diagnostic step for you to take to investigate the situation.

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    Thanks for the quick reply.I use the Feedwordpress with the same setting on the “updates” scroll down menu (cron job or manual updates) 3,5 years ago without having any duplicate post or other issues. Sunddely and without changing nothing else on my setup, i have many duplicate posts from all my feeds.I run the 2013.0504 version with a cron job in an older (3.4.2) wp version.Thank you kindly.

    Thanks a lot of for your reply.I,M too,(cron job or manual updates) update de Plugin to december version (20161211 or 20161213) and duplicate and more post, back to the april version(20160420) and don,t duplicate post. All with the last WordPress version

    Plugin Author C. Johnson


    O.K., thanks. If you’re seeing this problem when performing updates using cron jobs, it may take a bit more troubleshooting to figure out the exact nature of the problem. The next thing to check would be to see whether or not the guid field associated with these duplicate posts is the same or whether there is a different value for each of the dupes. Here’s how:

    1. Log in to your FeedWordPress installation where you’re having the problem.

    2. Go to Syndication > Diagnostics in the WordPress admin interface.

    3. Find the setting labeled “Advanced Diagnostics.” There should be a series of checkboxes. Check the one labeled “providing meta-data about syndicated posts in the Edit Posts interface.”

    4. Mash the blue Save Changes button

    5. Next, go to Posts > All Posts and find one of the pairs of duplicate posts.

    6. Bring up the first one of the duplicate posts in the Edit Post interface, and scroll down to find the panel labeled “Post GUID and Meta Data”

    7. Copy the contents of that panel and paste it in a text box where you can compare it against the second set of data (see below).

    8. Repeat the process with the second one of the duplicate posts, copying and pasting the same data from the panel.

    9. Send me a copy of the two “Post GUID and Meta Data” listings for the duplicate posts, either here or via email to

    The most important fields that I’ll be looking at are the GUID field (to see whether the two duplicate posts list the same GUID or different GUIDs) and the syndication_* fields.

    Secondly, in addition to checking out this data, could you let me know whether you are using any additional add-ons or filters for syndicated feeds alongside FeedWordPress? (I mean add-on modules like FWP+: SIC ‘Em, FeedWordPress Advanced Filters, or FeedWordPress Duplicate Post Filter.)


    I have sent you via email a copy of the two “Post GUID and Meta Data” listings for the duplicate posts.I have also provided you, all the information about the additional add-ons that i use alongside with Feedwordpress.Thank you for all your assistance.

    Hi Radgeek,

    I’ve sent you an email a few days ago. I have a related issue. Can you please take a look?

    Hello Radgeek,

    There is a problem with the automatic update of posts, when I select cron job and I manually update it, there are no duplicate publications, everything goes well but when I select automatically before Or after loading the page, this gives publications in triples or more. I’m not very comfortable with the detail of what you are asking to do for the debug, is there no simpler solution, where a scheduled update that will solve this problem?

    I could give you privately my access to check,

    Thank you

    For the past several versions of FWP, I’ve also had post duplication problems. The GUID is the same for all duplicates, so they truly are dupes. The only cure that has worked for me over the years is to use an external cron to trigger updates, just like @thiantpro.

    Also, when using an external cron, the update URL that’s given by the FWP plugin doesn’t work. I have to use update_feedwordpress=* instead of update_feedwordpress=1 in order for the feeds to update.

    I was having unexplained duplication issues. In the logs I would see “Insert new post” only once for each new post yet posts were duplicated. I could not track the issue with logs.

    The fix @pridge mentioned worked for me.


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