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Public vs private posts

  • My website (www.PostAndCoach.org) has both public and private posts. CMS Taxonomy on the front page only shows the names of “clubs” and “speakers” that pertain to public posts, but I’d like it to show the names of both public and private (at least when one is logged in) so that people can find them. Strangely, if you do a search, you do get both public and private – but you can’t search for a name unless it is used in a public post.


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  • Plugin Author XYDAC


    Could you please provide some steps to regenrate the issue.
    That would really help ?


    Go to http://www.PostAndCoach.org
    I have created XYDAC Taxonomies “clubs” and “speaker”. Each post you see now lists the values of those taxonomies before the body of each post. (Thanks the hint on how to do that.) Because you aren’t logged in, you will see only a few posts made public. There are more that are private.

    In the side bar, I’ve used the “Xydac taxonomy term list” to create search options for “clubs” and “speaker”. To search (whether one is logged in or not), it only lists those clubs and speakers that are among the subset of posts that are public. If a club or speaker is only identified among posts that are private, it is not listed and therefore cannot be searched for. [If you send me an email address, i can give you a PW to log in.] The good thing is that if you can search on a speaker or a club (i.e. it is listed), you do get from the archives all the posts from that speaker or club – both public and private (if you are logged in.

    Plugin Author XYDAC


    I am still bit confused about it, Would be great if you could share the login details, i might be able to help.

    (indk [at] live [dot.] in

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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