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  • a very interessting theme with a lot of functional to modify for everyone.
    i really like this release, but there are better colours, more powerfull colours you culd use instead.

    actually i was testing with ie6 opera8 and ff, your footer is too long. if you can fix this it would be great. 8,5 of 10 points 🙂

    A great layout though not my choice of colors. I see the footer as way too long, also. Fix that and you have a good theme.

    the long footer is a part of the design :). if you change the stylesheet for a shorter footer, you’d see what i mean.


    the fourth column (calendar, categories, archives) appears for me some several hundred miles underneath some black expanse (1024×768).

    The dark red doesn’t work well for me.

    And VERY CAREFUL with re-use of movie merchandising photos. Unless you acquired a license to use that picture you’re heading straight into very dire straits.

    I wouldn’t worry about it. Movie reviewers, fansites, etc. use it too. I’m not charging for the product or any service am I?

    What browser are you using? I tested it in 1024 Firefox 1.5, IE 5.5, and Opera 9 beta 2.

    Hi again,

    the “wouldn’t worry” may cost you anything upwards of 5 or 10K. Personally I *would* worry about such a sum.

    And so sorry, but because someone else is committing a crime, it is not okay to do so oneself – in my book. Copyright infringement is not a cavalier thing.

    If this was my photo with my copyright on it you use without license, I’d phone my lawyer. And movie merchandise … have you been around e.g. the Ebay forums lately? If those firms sue the living shit out of someone using a pic on Ebay to sell, visible only a few days, and sue for large sums, you should be able to make an educated guesstimate what they will do as soon as they see something used pretty much in redistribution and semi-commercially.

    I was using IE 6.0 for that peek.




    where is that picture from? is IS familiar?

    I reckon that is semi-ironic that someone who is “designing” something would even quibble when called out on an image. You would think such an audience would be more open .. oh well.

    –nm on the image, I scrolled down. Dreamworks eh ..

    Congrats on your theme release! The black-red color scheme is sure to be popular with gaming/ movie/action/ car/motorcycle type of sites.

    There is an interesting action with the right-column (3rd/4th column), when the browser width is 800×600 those columns bump down under the footer — which could actually be a good thing for low-res viewers, they’d get a footer instead of a horizontal scrollbar. I even like the large black footer area, it goes more with the spaceshipness of the theme, it’s something different and causes no harm.

    However what I personally get tired of in themes, this one seems to be intended for people with wider screens (4 column!) yet when you scroll down a little bit past the sidebar content, all we have is a skinny line of posts with a vast background. Wish there was a way to fill this in with something more visually interesting, or expand the width of the posts beneath the sidebars.

    lhk – If anyone could potentially be faulted for such… crime, I would have to worry about it would I? As for you and other users, simply replace the main header image to avoid copyright infringement. A crime is a crime… is a crime, regardless of your intention. But I still wouldn’t worry about it because I doubt that they would go after me out of all people (including those using this image for money).

    I don’t have IE 6 so I have to get someone to test this with me. Thanks for checking out my theme.

    whooami – It is well known (among the fans). It’s a part of the upper part of the main movie cover.

    Dgold – I don’t think there’s anyway around that. For starter, it’s a static layout.

    Hi again,

    then I would CLEARLY and IN A PUBLIC PLACE of the theme files tell people who wish to use it, that this photo is copyrighted and that they commit a copyright infringement if they do so.

    Honey, by now I’m getting a tad impatient with what you so flippantly say here. What you *are* doing is pushing others into committing a crime, which is NOT going to be a light affair for them, if they are taken to task by the copyright owner. It’s pretty much disgusting to do something like that to people bound to trust everything’s allright with that theme.

    And in case you STILL don’t understand, maybe you had better read up on the topic a bit, e.g. here:

    lhk – Thanks for the follow up to help me clear this up.

    I’ve added a warning to the readme.txt file of the theme; the same message was added to the download page of the theme.

    When you have time, please review it for me to make sure that I’ve made the proper changes. If not, could you advise me further?

    Thanks again.

    In regards to my 1 critique… Actaully, yes, it CAN be done. I’m not saying you should change it in your theme — the great majority of themes do what your site does. I just find it to be a waste of screen space, and I seek a solution.

    Here are 2 examples that prove it is not necessary to have the empty sidebar extend as a stripe all the way down the page:
    (1) The Dashboard of WP Admin. You will see that the feeds and content wraps around the bottom of the sidebar (the sidebar has Incoming Links, Recent Posts, Latest Comments, etc.) Look at the action around the bottom of that sidebar, the main content expands to fill the screen width. VERY COOL

    (2) A theme I found called “Prozac” also achieves this very nicely, on both the Index and Single Post pages. The sidebar action is wonderful in this theme, I love how the content expands under it.

    But I have not yet been able to do this in my own blogs


    Ah, I see what you mean now. The problem is that the main column of Neo-Sapien also floats left.

    The examples the you gave me, the main content doesn’t float. It is the sidebar that floats, which allows the bottom content (beyond the height of the sidebar) to extend.

    The main content area of Neo-Sapien is bordered by two sidebars. I know that you’re not suggesting that I should make the change. However, if I do change it, Neo-Sapien would no longer be a 4 columns theme. Instead it would be just content and floating sidebars (blocks), which is totally different from its original concept.

    The spacious header and footer only adds to the look of the design. Above the 600px fold, we don’t even see the long footer. Some content-packed blogs (lots of content in sidebars) are using Neo-Sapien; they look much better than the short demo version of the theme.



    I’m having a hard time finding in the css file where to reduce the size of the footer. It’s not working well for me as the sidebar wraps around often, so i’d like to shorten it because of this.

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