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  • @kurt4274,

    This is a typical symptom of a server side email restriction. To check if the emails are being generated install a mail logging plugin like these:

    If you can see emails being generated then they are being blocked or dropped on the server and to find out why you’ll need to speak to your hosting provider.

    I was able to successfully send out an email to all public subscribers through the “Send Email” tool. Would this verify the problem does not exist on my server’s side?


    Not really, although is does indicate that things are working to a level.

    Subscribe2 sends to Registered Subscribers first and then to Public Subscribers. If there was a restriction on volume of emails it could happen after your Registered but be tipped over the limit when Public Subscriber emails are sent.

    It might be worth checking with your hosting provider how many emails they allow you to send each hour and compare that to the number of subscribers you have.

    I will check, however up until a week ago everything worked without a hitch. I’ll let you know what my provider says.


    Let me know what happens. Even though things have been working the plugin hasn’t changed a lot and your hosting provider are likely to be silently updating software and configuration continuously behind the scenes.

    I worked with our hosting provider through out last two posts. They found no errors or restrictions on their end. It did not come through as more than the subscriber emails. They sent the following:

    “What I meant to say was that a single email cannot be send out to more than 40 recipients. You can however send out 40 copies of the email to 40 different recipients.

    I have checked on your account’s email activity for the past few minutes and I can see only successfully sent messages. Such as:

    2013-01-29 20:43:42 [6867] 1U0NeI-0001ml-6W H=localhost ( []:60693 I=[]:25 Warning: SITEGROUND: Food Wine Thyme <> : This message was sent via script. The details are as follows: SCRIPT_FILENAME=/home/foodwine/public_html/wp-admin/post.php REQUEST_URI=/wp-admin/post.php PWD=/home/foodwine/public_html/wp-admin REMOTE_ADDR= .
    2013-01-29 20:43:42 [6867] 1U0NeI-0001ml-6W <= H=localhost ( []:60693 I=[]:25 P=smtp S=1605 T=”[Food Wine Thyme] WIAW # 3″ from <> for
    2013-01-29 20:43:42 [6870] cwd=/var/spool/exim 3 args: /usr/sbin/exim -Mc 1U0NeI-0001ml-6W
    2013-01-29 20:43:55 [6870] 1U0NeI-0001ml-6W => F=<> P=<> R=lookuphost T=remote_smtp S=1837 []:587 X=TLSv1:DHE-RSA-AES256-SHA:256 CV=no DN=”/L=Cluster/” C=”250 OK id=1U0NeV-0000Ab-Qv” QT=13s DT=13s
    2013-01-29 20:43:55 [6870] 1U0NeI-0001ml-6W Completed QT=13s

    Did you spot any problems with the email notifications on your end?

    Best Regards,
    Lubo K.
    SiteGround Support Team”

    Until a few posts ago the plugin would send out two separate emails. One to public and one to registered. Recently the one to public has stopped sending period. The problem is not with our hosting.


    Your hosting prover in fact have revealed a hosting side restriction when they said “What I meant to say was that a single email cannot be send out to more than 40 recipients“. That’s a limitation on the BCC header of the email witch Subscribe2 can be configured to use.

    Have a look in Subscribe2->Settings in the “Email Settings” tab where it says “Restrict the number of recipients per email to”. Change that settings to 1 and Subscribe2 will send individual emails to individual recipients, if it is any other number the BCC header is used with emails sent to the admin address and subscribers in the BCC header.


    In addition, 3 minutes on google, once I knew the name of your hosting provider reveals their own knowledge base page where they publish their email limitations:

    No more than 40 recipients per email and no more than 400 per hour.

    I installed the email log. It logged only three emails outgoing after the post was submitted. Two were to the only two registered subscribers, and one to the administrator. It never attempted to send to public subscribers, which make up 98% of my subscribers. We are also set at “1” on the restrict the number of recipients per email.

    Again I want to point out that we are able to email all subscribers manually, which I can’t imagine our host allowing the manual email and not an automatic email. It is the email triggered by the post that is not going out.


    I’m aware of one other person with maybe a similar issue.

    They are using WordPress 3.5.1 with a core theme and Subscribe2 8.7. When they schedule a post in the future emails don’t send but if it is done manually then emails get sent.

    Is this exactly the same as what is happening for you?


    Also, going back to basics, can you tell me:

    Do you have any Excluded Categories in your Subscribe2->Settings page?
    Are these posts marked as Private?
    Are these posts in an Excluded category? (if you have any)

    Yes! The only difference being instead of a future email being scheduled it’s not sending the automatic email once the article is posted. Following are all Email Settings:

    Restrict the number of recipients per email to (0 for unlimited): 1

    Send Admins notifications for new: Both

    Include theme CSS stylesheet in HTML notifications: Yes

    Send Emails for Pages: No

    Send Emails for Password Protected Posts: No

    Send Emails for Private Posts: No

    Include Sticky Posts at the top of all Digest Notifications: No

    Send Email From: Post Author Food Wine Thyme

    Send Emails: For each Post

    Send Digest Notification at UTC: 12am
    Chosen time will be scheduled to a future date in relation to the current UTC time
    For digest notifications, date order for posts is: Descending


    Okay, so you have no excluded categories. You write a post and schedule it for a future date, the post gets published but the emails don’t.

    Like I say I have one other person with this issue and I’ve been trying to figure this out since before Christmas without any luck thus far, very weird as it works just fine for me on my sites! Can you list your plugins for me please and I’ll look for overlaps.

    Advanced Random Post Thumbnails Widget
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    Select Akismet

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    Select All in One SEO Pack

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    Select Contact Form Plugin

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    Select Custom Recent Posts Widget

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    Select Email Log

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