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    I have had Subscribe2 for about 18 months now and although I like the concept of it, it has never worked for me in sending out email notices for new posts to subscibers. I successfully receive email to my admin (registered user) account for new subscribers/unsubsribers/etc but every time a post goes up, only this one admin address (my own) gets the email and I have to manually mail it to my subscribers.

    I have seen it written in numerous other posts in this forum that a solution to this issue is to contact the host regarding limits on emails, PHP settings, spam etc. I have done this and there are no restrictions that would in anyway block emails from going out to my subscribers on the hosting end (I should note this is only going out to like 30 people at once anyway.) I have also seen it recommended that I install an email log to my WP, which I have had for some time, and which notes that an email HAS gone out, but only lists my admin email as the recipient.

    I should also note that nothing goes out through the “send email” option either even when pubic subscribers is chosen. Again, only the admin gets the mail. I am using the most recent update of WP and Subscribe2. I have only public subscribers and one “registered user” which is my admin. All settings are thus that an email should be automatic upon publishing a post. “Send Emails for ___” all checked Yes. “Restrict number of recipients = 0” Send Emails “For each post” “Disable email notifications is checked by default…. unchecked”

    Can anyone shed light on what is going on here and what I can possibly check, confirm, change, or experiment with to get this working (please no rehash of the above ‘solutions’ which have been exhausted) Thank you!

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  • @jpemerling,

    Thanks for such a detailed post about your issues.

    I can immediately see one thing to try that perhaps you haven’t done before. Change the “Restrict number of recipients” setting to 1.

    While it is set as 0 a single email is generated by the plugin and sent to you (the registered admin of the site) with all other recipients of the email in a BCC header. This means that you will only be seeing 1 email in the log, perhaps if you can see the headers and check in them in details you may be able to see the BDD recipients also.

    But, back to this as a possible fix. By changing that setting to one, the plugin will generate individual emails to all subscribers and you should see about 31 entries in the mail logger.

    Hopefully, they will then also arrive at their destination meaning the issue on your site is that BCC headers are ignored in script generated emails.

    Thanks so much!

    I changed the “Restrict number…” from 0 to 1 and looks like things are working as intended. The email log confirms that an email went out to each public subscriber on my list.

    I guess I simply had some confusion as to what the “Restrict number of Recipients” number implied. I thought that 0 (for unlimited?) meant unlimited recipients on a single email….like they were all being BCC’d. But it makes sense that “1” would imply a single email generated for each subscriber.

    Thanks for the quick response and clarification to solve my issue!!

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