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  • Hey all, if anyone can help me with this it would be greatly appreciated, driving me nuts…

    All I want to happen is that any “pages” can be viewed by anyone viewing the blog for the first time. I have invisible categories that are only viewable on Authors logged-in, but I want any & all “pages” to be visable to everyone….

    Why isnt the content inside my pages showing up when I look at the site as someone that is not logged in ??

    How can I make all my “pages” public at all times!!??

    Here is my bog:

    I also want to create public profiles for each Author that are also viewable to anyone without being logged-in.

    HELP!! 🙁

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  • You have to be a bit more specific about your “invisible” categories.
    Here is what I suspect: you have a default category that was made invisible.
    Now, while practically Pages do NOT have categories, for internal technical reasons they are always assigned to the default category of your blog. My experience is: making the default category “invisible” – it will hide all your Pages from visitors.
    BTW, which plugin are you using to hide your categories?

    firstly, thanks so much for the response!!

    OK, I have 12 different sub-categories for 12 individual ‘student’ authors.

    When they log-in, they can only see their particular categorie and no-one eleses.

    To achieve this I am using the plugin called “Category Access”

    let me see if it helps at all, if I set my default categorie to be accessible to all…. please hold.

    aha! thats all it was i feel so stupid. Simple but i needed your pointers to work it out.

    Could I also ask you Moshu….


    what is the best way to create public “profiles” for each student author?

    preferably, this could be added to the sidebar as a list of names available to anyone. And the personal information could be edited by the respective student when logged-in?

    thanks again for your help, so much appreciated!!

    For author profile you may want to take a look at the Author_Templates section of the Codex.
    At the bottom of the page in the References you’ll find a plugin and some support topics, too.

    hmm this seems to be exactly what I want…

    but im completely confused as to how to make it work! :/

    Ive activated the plugin, but what do I have to edit or change to make the profiles show up in the side-bar? seems al very complicated for a designer!

    why dont they have a simple plug-in that you can just activate for adding author profiles?

    woe is me

    please help, I really need to get this project finished asap.


Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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