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  • How can I set my wordpress blog to become a public domain? I searched on google, and I could not find my blog in it.


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  • When someone links to you, google will find you on it’s own. If your blog is, then when google reads this, it will add you to it’s database. Be patient.

    The thing is, my blog has been up for almost a year now

    You ought to also try submitting the site to a few search engines.

    I took about a year to get into the top ten of google, then it was maybe 2 years to hit the top of the list.

    It all depends what search you are looking to come up in.

    I’ve noticed that wordpress has the following meta information in the head

    <meta name="generator" content="WordPress 2.0.2" />

    But it does not have the following meta

    <meta name="keywords" content="BBC,, Search, British Broadcasting Corporation, BBCi" />

    I’m not sure if I can put keywords in WordPress, on each page, which I’d like to have.

    Maybe i’ve missed something.

    You can put keywords into the head of each document, yes. You can either hardcode them (i.e. every single post page would have the same keywords) or if you’re clever, you could use meta information to insert different ones for each post.

    You’d have to know how to use PHP and the Loop to do that though 😉

    I don’t have much experience with SEO, but I heard that keywords don’t really have much to do with it any more — is this true?

    Also, make sure you submit your blog url, which ISN’T the url you have linked here. Make sure you have a robots.txt at the top level, and your redirection page you have now should attempt to automatically redirect the browser via a 302/Location redirect — so that the search engines will follow along…

    yes this is true, google and major searh engines rarely look at meta tags because they were abused a lot in the past.

    one tip i can give is to use keywords within h1 tags as these are of significant importance to search engine

    tip 2:

    use google sitemaps.

    And of course the title tag — it seems to have a very large influence. Just be careful not to overdo it, else El Goog will spit your site out of its index 🙂

    i still don’t understand… how do i make my site viewable from google or yahoo search engine?

    What is it you don’t understand? Did you read carefully everythng above? Did you search the forums for “search engine”, “SE”, “SEO” etc.
    All the search engines will find you. How old is your blog/site?

    Darren if the site you want to show in Google is this one you already have over 650 pages indexed in Google-

    Check your log files I’m sure you’ll see Google searches visiting your site even if rarely.

    I’m an SEO consultant and spme of the info in this thread isn’t up to date 🙂

    Don’t use a 302 redirect, this is a temporary redirect and has been known to really mess with SERPs. There was a bit of a 302 problem not that long ago that by the use of a 302 redirect you could steal a pages SERPs (the page the 302 goes to)! A client of mine used a host who used 302s for parked pages and one of his parked domains page jacked his main business sites main highly competitive SERP that took us ages to gain!! The site still hasn’t recovered.

    So if moving blogs setup a 301 redirect which tells the search engines the move is permanent and all search engine benefits from links etc… should be passed on to the new site. That said Google considers sites with old links more important than new sites, so I would avoid moving a site that’s got links as you will be looking at about a year for any competitive SERPs (assuming you gain links fast).

    Submitting a site to the major search engines is a waste of time, the way to get indexed is links, links and more links. Note links from are nofollow’d so do not count. Basically to Google etc… links from here don’t exist.

    Google sitemaps could get a site indexed, but it won’t rank for anything. To rank for even the easiest phrases a page needs links to keep the page indexed in Google and to tell Google others think this page/site is important (a link is a vote).

    Did I mention links 🙂

    Looking at the OPs site I see lots of supplemental Results (see the site search I posted at the top). This can happen when a site is penalised or lacks links. In the latter case Google indexes the site, but because there are few links to the site doesn’t come back for a long time and so the pages are considered unimportant and are labeled supplemental, if Google’s spiders can’t find them on a regular basis (via links) why should it consider them important.

    So if you do manage to get a site indexed that has very few links it’s liable to be dropped from Google over time.

    Looking deeper Yahoo says the site has over 3,000 (that’s good). Google says 0 backlinks and reports PR0 (PageRank). With the supplemental listings it looks like a penalized site, didn’t check further, so don’t know why.

    With regards the meta tags they don’t add anything to Google rankings (won’t get better SERPs), that said the description can be shown on relevant SERPs and result in a higher CTR from google search results so I’ve made up some AdSense/SEO versions of popular WordPress templates at that include optimised title, and meta tags. The description lists the sites description (added at the dashboard) and the pages title.

    Download the Blix SEO version at (last zip file near the bottom) and take a look at the header.tpl file. Then copy the title element and both meta tags to your themes header template page and you’ll get titles and meta tags like you see on the blog above.

    I’ve been meaning to make up some SEO only templates (no AdSense), but never find the time.


    people who write long, don’t have time to read carefully 🙂

    I responded to audreyhynes (look at the dates!)

    “Your” Darren posted in May…

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