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  • Hi all,

    I’m currently using twitterfeed to post to both Facebook and Twitter. Twitterfeed takes RSS feeds and post them accordingly. I have my blog RSS feeds by category through Feedburner – twitterfeed reads the FB urls. This works well with new posts but not with existing posts that have had their “Published on:” date updated. Twitterfeed is set to post new based on pubDate. When we take an existing post and change the content, edit the “Published on:” time/date and click “Update” it is not picked up by twitterfeed. Based on the info above I’m assuming that the RSS pubDate is not updated when you use the “Published on:” feature? If that is the case is there a way to change that behavior? While adding new posts is easy enough there are times when a news story simply needs updating – and we then modify the “Published on:” and click “Update”

    Thanks for any ideas on this.


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    So is there no way to hack wordpress to pass the new “updated” pubDate on through the RSS?

    Any thoughts on this – updating the RSS pubDate?


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