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  • Hello, again I am in contact to ask you please take a moment to study how to include the file of the text branch for Development (trunk) to facilitate the translation of the plugin to the translation teams of the different languages ​​since all the translation teams use that file to translate the texts of the plugin into each language.

    As you can see, there are many languages ​​that have the Stable translated in part, I guarantee that if you included the file for Development (trunk) there would be many more languages ​​to which your AdRotate plugin would be translated.

    I’ve been fighting for you to do that simple job almost 2 years, as a protest and pressure to make you realize, I’m not translating your plugin into Spanish, and even and all the Spanish language is the most strings of text translated.

    If by chance you do not know how to do it, you tell me and I can give you the contact of one of the people in charge of verifying the Spanish translations so that I can explain to you how you should do it.

    Well Arnan, I hope you finally listen to my suggestion and have a good time in Mexico, if you speak Spanish.

    Anyway give me a little time but I promise to finish the translation of the text that remains to be translated from the Readme and the Ad Rotate PRO plugin.,

    a greeting.

    The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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  • If you check the top list of the 200 most well-used plugins, you will see that almost all of them have the Development (trunk) translation file. That means something, no ????

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    Plugin Author Arnan de Gans


    Please stop posting this everywhere. I get that this is probably important for you. But a simple request with a decent explanation will do just fine. Not these walls of text in near incomprehensible english. It makes little sense.

    If all you want is for me to upload something to trunk, just say so. 6 posts, multiple topics in 2-3 days on my forum, this forum and now you entered my facebook group? What the hell man… It’s NOT the right method to get through to someone. So far I’m only inclined to ignore you. Which is probably what I did 2 years or so ago – Referring to your “protest” and “fight for 2 years” or whatever that meant.

    After all this – I’m still not clear on what you want other than something with trunk and translations. If you can’t explain your request, maybe get someone that speaks better english? Clearly anything you post in english is done with a bad translator. So maybe skip on the translation too and let someone who is more bi-lingual do it.

    And please stop using different names everywhere you go. It’s confusing and misleading.
    I’m closing both your topics you put on my site. I’ll consider what, I think, you asked, and please stop spamming your stuff everywhere. Next time I’ll ban your account from my site and Facebook group.

    Perdon, pero yo no he entrado en tu grupo de Facebook, y no hay problema, dejare de molestarte porque con desarrolladores endiosados que se creen no se lo que no merece perder el tiempo en traducir sus plugins.

    Asi que por favor, cierra todos los comentarios o mejor borralos a igual que los archivos po/mo del plugin PRO traducidos por mi al Español.

    Y si, esta traducido con el traductor de Google, por eso te envio este texto original por si tienes un traductor mejor y lo entiendes.

    Gracias y un saludo


    Sorry, but I have not entered your Facebook group, and no problem, I will stop bothering you because with deified developers who believe they do not know what they do not deserve to waste time translating their plugins.

    So please, close all the comments or better delete them just like the po / mo files of the PRO plugin translated by me into Spanish.

    And yes, it’s translated with the Google translator, that’s why I sent you this original text in case you have a better translator and you understand it.

    Thanks and best regards

    Plugin Author Arnan de Gans


    Ok – so someone else in the group. Someone asked there for spanish things too. A coincidence I guess 🙂

    There is no need to be rude like you were in your last reply.

    I know perfectly well what I do, but your pushy ways and crap english tick all the wrong boxes for me. If you use a translator for your translations maybe you should skip this one until you actually learn decent English.

    Translations made with translators are NOT good for users as the wording often sucks – Your posts on my forum, this forum being a perfect example. I don’t know what you mean most of the time.

    That said, I did some reading up and will support this new(ish) translation method for the next version onwards.

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