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  • Hi,

    We have a CPT called Life Stages.
    An instance of the CPT is called “everyone”
    The default URL of this is /life_stages/everyone/

    We’d like to proxy this
    So that /everyone/ retrieves what would otherwise be at /life_stages/everyone/

    Without this plugin installed, we’re 301’d to /life_stages/everyone/
    With this plugin installed, and a proxy redirect (via the WP module) setup, we’re still 301’d to /life_stages/everyone/

    However, using something other than the existing slug for the CPT works — so for example we can proxy /everyone123/ to /life_stages/everyone/

    Is there any way to solve this? One hacky thing we could do is change the slug of the actual CPT (so the default URL is /life_stages/something-else) — we do not want to do this because it would break some other stuff.


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